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Packers Unscripted: Double duty

Mike and Wes combine their last two shows of the week into one. They discuss the strong start to the season by Packers RT Bryan Bulaga (1:16), the adjustment to the practice schedule this week (10:30), the keys to victory vs. the Broncos (13:30), and other intriguing Week 3 matchups in the NFL (21:11).

Chauncey Wade

Keep up these videos pls and thanks

John Fahlstrom

Dudes. Please lose that annoying bumper music. Awful. Silence would be better than that.


    Like what?

    gretchen ortner

    Just skip it. not a big deal.

NotSoSlimSh8dy Moreno

The music intro is bad, but other then that great work once again fellas ! 👌🏻👍 thank you


    the intro music actually spells out P A C K E R S with the beat at the end . IT’s been the intro for as long as I can remember over the past many years of watching this show on . I think there are far worse intros . Why does everyone have to have outspoken issues with other people’s work. it’s pointless! I mean isn’t there enough to discuss?

trailmarker #6

97 out of 101? thought the narrative was that he is always hurt.

Jon Benson

I litterally press mute until 33 seconds.


    Do you have something against metal?

    Jon Benson

    @MrBrenman21 That’s what you call that? Lol


    @Jon Benson You’ve never heard of the genre of music called metal? What is wrong with the men in this country…. Sure it’s no Pantera but c’mon. Maybe if they had some Taylor Swift you would enjoy it. Maybe some mumble rap.


    you know you can skip ahead .

Travis Titialii

Go Pack Go

Chris Hinch

The key to beating the Broncos? Deep vertical routes on offense and bring the house at Flacco on defense. Nuff said.


The offense has to take another step this week to beat the very win hungry Broncos . This team is not bad football team and the Packers will have to be as juiced and dominate on defense to beat this team . Aaron Rodgers has had troubles with this defense in the past and I would bet Sunday will be no easier ! This would be a good time to work on the getting the FB into the passing game . Vitale can be the TE type player the offense is missing and could add a big spark to a struggling offense . The defense just needs to stay healthy and it will do its part .

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