Packers Unscripted: Digging deep – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Travis Titialii

Go Pack Go

Drew Z

That E.T. moment at the beginning

Impeach Pelosi

The Packers are going to destroy the 49ers in week 12.

    Urfavorite Gemini

    I have to agree….the 49 ers aren’t playing ANY hard teams…they are playing “soft teams” so their offense or defense isn’t being put to the test that’s why they are 4-0

Daniel Dietsche

Nice story on Patrick. Good to hear he, & Rodgers have a good relationship… gonna need it going forward it this year.

    Thomas Pick

    Daniel Dietsche Tom Brady does not like to touch a sweaty scrotum of his center. Thus, quarterbacks like a shotgun formation. So, the quarterback does not have to get their hands full of wet, sweating testicles.

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