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Packers Unscripted: After further review

Mike and Wes discuss the game-clinching first down vs. the Vikings (1:01), Matt LaFleur’s decision to enforce a Vikings penalty on a PAT (5:21), and several controversial plays, including Minnesota’s overturned TD (8:23), Adam Thielen’s catch and Kevin King’s INT (13:55), and the end of the Bears-Broncos game (19:15).

Jonas Lundholm

I’m new to the channel so I have to point out the intro music is uncongenial. The enthusiasm of the hosts doesn’t match the music’s energy. Other than that; great show!

    Austin Simpkins

    i feel the same and I’m a long time listener. Music gets you hyped so high and then you hear, “high everybody. ” Music can set the tone what’s to come.

    James Barlow

    This is Wisconsin, man. Clumsiness is virtuous.

    Travis Stase

    Yea, Wes should be hosting. He is higher energy. Spoff as the intellectual commentator makes more sense too.

Harrison Bennett

lol wes was goin off

Matt Ekre

Don’t even know what to say. I knew this game could go either way, but I didn’t expect our $84,000,000 QB to force a throw into triple coverage on first and goal with the game on the line. Furthermore, I didn’t expect Stefanski/Kubiak to abandon the run in the red zone when they were running the ball so effectively. That was a hard loss to swallow after the defense did everything they could to keep us in the game. On to the next one and congrats to the Packers. We’ll see ya at US Bank later this season.

    John Denver

    I’m more surprised by the play call than cousins bad decision making. Cook was consistently getting 5 a pop so running seemed like a no brainer. Ur squad is great though.


    King said he was a step late and had to put his head down to make up ground. The WR put up his hand because he was open. Lowrey kept the pressure on to make the throw difficult and King just made a fantastic play.

    I don’t know if you can really hit Cousins for that. In spite of what the talking heads say.


    @John Denver it is harder to run inside the redzone because the D isn’t as spread out. There is no guarantee they would have been able to run it in. Calling a pass play to catch the Packers off guard wasnt a bad decision because they had another down if Cousins doesn’t throw a pick. They still had a chance to run it.

    The play call and the decision to throw were not as bad as the Packer D was good.


Adams was too quick for Viking defenders to cover. I’m glad Rodgers went to him early and often. The first quarter showed what this offense is capable of when they put it all together. #GoPackGo

    Gabriel McKee

    LeagueObservr I love Adams, but he is not quick at all. 4.57 in the 40. He’s a great possession receiver. The Vikings also shut him down after the first qtr. he needs a solid WR2. Hopefully that is MVS.

    Nameless Assassin

    Gabriel McKee Adams is not quick?? Lol you can’t be serious. Open your eyes bro. Quickest release in the game. Thats documented from several top corners and safeties in the game

    Nameless Assassin

    Gabriel McKee and FYI being quick hand having a fast 40yard dash are two completely different things. Look at MVS for example. 4.3 40 time and he couldn’t hold a candle to devante speed and foot work

    Jivan Grewal

    @Gabriel McKee quick doesn’t have to mean straight speed. Lot’s of quick 40 yard runner can’t translate it onto the field. Quick as in a quick route runner is a different thing.

ThreeFiveTwo Games

Super bowl incoming!

    King of the North

    One game out a time bud. We’re looking good so far and were only going to get better. GPG!

because reasons

Digged himself a hole Diggs? Oh yeah, that Diggs.

jack Perry

Go pack go

Chauncey Wade

Another well thought out Video…GRACIAS

Ammo and Gear Deals

I wish they would have reviewed the Jaire Alexander strip on the play right before cook took it to the house. It really looked like it was a catch followed by a fumble that was clearly recovered by the packers.

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