Packers Orchestrate Beautiful TD Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Packers Orchestrate Beautiful TD Drive

The Packers offense pushes it downfield for the first touchdown of the day. The Minnesota Vikings take on the Green Bay Packers during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Ryley Methot

Wiiide open!!!

Mike Hodges


    Kevin Scott

    Mike Hodges

Zip Molly

#GoPackGo Rodgers out for revenge this year!! 💚💛💚💛🏈

tK Drake TeamKaliber

Vikings need to send pressure at Aaron not give him time because if he does it’s game

    Nanu Jayhawk

    If he gets hurt season over for the packers

    Allie Townsend

    @Nanu Jayhawk hater hater hater

    Nanu Jayhawk

    @Allie Townsend well I am a Vikings and that’s all green Bay has is araon Rogers😏

    Allie Townsend

    @Nanu Jayhawk And Davante Adam’s, and David Bakhtiari, and Aaron Jones, etc. Etc.

    Snow Tire

    Vikings’s fan here but I don’t want to see another dirty Barr play this game with Rodgers. Worse than anything the Saints did to Favre in ’09 and the fact Vikings’s fans and even the local announcers were cheering was just classless.

Daniel Harvey IV

That should be #65 ‘s touch down

Jesús castillo

El mejor equipo de la NFL saludos desde México

dylan L

Why is this not on Hulu

iMennu ___

And Vikings were calling out the bears that we did bad. We did bad but look at the least we played good defense

    Jp Thabeast

    @Nanu Jayhawk yea it ain’t over Yet key word Yet. Bout to be O.V.A soon

    Tenno Tube2

    Atleast the Vikings got a touchdown.

    Ditch 79

    Nanu Jayhawk Ik the Slackers will choke #SKOL

    iMennu ___

    Bruh I think I jinxed it

    Tenno Tube2

    iMennu ___ yup it’s fine but Kirk looked terrible that game


Aaron Rodgers is back AND he has a defense. RIP NFC 🙁


    @cpk1994 still played better than over half of the QBs today including cousins


    @cpk1994 Go away, bum. You know nothing.

Dylan Chavez

Packers different this year👀

    U.K Ball

    nah they still suck #skol

Book of shadows contributor Brian

69rd comment 🏆🏈

Michael Fleming

This is 10-12 Packers right here


    10-16 buddy

    Jon 66

    They were unbelievable in the first quarter then the defense carried them the rest of the way.


We looking good GB allday

Michael Rosia

I love how the o line celebrate among themselves for a moment. They created that touchdown


    Just noticed that. Its awesome. Im sure they are a tight group of guys

    Michael Rosia

    Unsung heroes man


Uh oh, it’s Mr. Rogers in his neighborhood again. Vikings defense looks like they’re getting shredded


    Ditch 79 pls tell me ur kidding

    Ditch 79

    Crowssant No im not and Ladarious Gunter is better than Jaire and Darnell combined


    No, just someone who picked the Vikes in his weekly pick-em game.

    Malik The great

    cpk1994 lol you hating real hard


Go GO Packers GGO GO GOOO!

Andrew Swiercz420

Packers got this game

Call Of Duty Schwina

He wouldn’t have gotten that touchdown if Lane Taylor didn’t shove him in. Offensive line don’t get enough credit bruh I swear to god 😔

Playboi Polo

I made a video getting Tom Brady X factor activated in madden 20

Ricardo Montes

We are going to win the next Super Bowl

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