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Packers Keys to Victory vs. Lions | Packers Unscripted

Mike and Wes take a look at the Green Bay Packers’ injury report (:50) and then examine the keys to victory over the Lions on offense (4:33) and defense (11:32).

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Kyle Renneberg

Keys to victory?
Key 1- dont let stafford on the feild. He is #1 for completions in the NFL and #1 in pass more then 20 yards
Sacked only 3x lmao
#1 center in the NFL
#3 guard in the NFL
3 amazing runningbacks
4 amazing wide recivers best 4 combo receivers in the NFL
Top 5 tight end in the NFL.

Thomas Pick

Let qb Tim Boyle get a start. Rodgers’s knee is a problem. He suffered all last year. Let our three running backs pound it out. Let the defense intercept some balls and get pick sixes. Why does Jaire Alexander leave so much space between the man he is covering? The Smiths need to pressure Stafford.

Tyler Bouck

Go Lions!

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