Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur sees playmakers on both sides of the ball for Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Dylan Baier

It’s 2019 and we still can’t hear the reporters questions. Amazing.

    1stump 1

    No kidding

    Jacob Gamboa

    I laughed soo hard😂😂

    Frank Nitti

    Just plug in your headphones. I could hear every question…

    Jag Patel

    even the subtitles can’t get it right lol


I almost spit out my Wisconsin Milk when he said “Kirk Cousins is a very accurate Quarterback”

    Zebula Wienandt

    But… he is… when he’s not under pressure, lol.


    If you do not believe that then you haven’t watched Cousins play football ! I scouted Cousins and called him the 4th best QB in that class ahead of RG3 . Cousins is almost as good as Rodgers at this point in Rodgers injury riddled career . Rodgers had to break both collarbones to get to Cousins level but he is close to there now and you are CRAZY if you believe this guy isn’t one of the best QBs in the NFL today ! The Vikings got their QB when they stepped up and spent $ this time . Make no mistakes ! The Packers ,Lions and Vikings all have super quality QBs and the Bears well they are never in the market for a good QB so who cares .

    A W

    He’s annually been one of the most accurate QB’s for years. You spit out your milk because you don’t know common sense? 740 yards and 7 td’s against your team last year.

    Imda Mann

    @jesusoftheapes Stfu !

    cody newburgh

    Statistically speaking he is, 66% completion for his career


Toughest games in my opinion will be Kansas City and Dallas this year.

    Jake Lesperance

    @Imda Mann Let’s hope so!

    Brian P

    The Vikings scare me more, we play them twice and haven’t beaten them in a while.


    @Jake Lesperance literally noone is sleeping on the vikings. Even Vikings fans are drinking the koolaid. We just have to trust in our preparation. The better team wins. Noone is sleeping on anyone. All the games will be tough this year. You cant have a losers mentality and expect to win.

    Jake Lesperance

    @howdyusa I think that mentality really only applies to the team & players, not the fans lol But yeah we’ve only seen 1 game of football so far should be a good year!


Tell Boy Wonder to get his offense fixed. That was a terrible performance last week.

    Juan Soto

    FTS Messamore I agree man I love my boy aar12 but Rodgers loves those air outs he’s not a Tom Brady 6-8 yards short pass plays qb but he will be forced to adjust due to age and it makes sense gopackgo


    @FTS Messamore stop telling Aaron what he needs to do ! HE needs to not listen to anyone outside of 1265 and ust be Aaron Rodgers . Which he is . The Bears are just that good !


    @Juan Soto I think it’s not age . It’s the fact he cant feel his pinky anymore after the last collarbone break . He didn’t lose arm strength but he lost feeling in his pinky 100% for the rest of his life and about 60% of the feeling in his ring finger on his throwing hand . This is going to take some years to figure out . I imagine this is season 3 after the change and by seasons end you’ll see a very good Aaron who has fully adjusted to his limitations . You guys can bank on that deep cut . Green Bay has been trying to hide this truth for going on 3 seasons and I think its about to become mainstream news in 2019


    @FTS Messamore did you watch the game? They didn’t give him anything to take.

Ben Chrisoit

If you want it to be loud at lambeau you need to take away the tickets from the geriatrics that sit on their hands the whole game

    Jaden Parsons

    Ben Chrisoit so facts


    yeah we should just take those season ticket holders games away by force or do you want to just kill them so you don’t have to see anyone older than you in Green Bay ? You know nothing about the Packers or its fanbase and people like you should pick a different team to follow because you do not know what this team has ALWAYS been about !! Those so called “geriatrics” built this new stadium and had butts in seats screaming for playoff teams when you were still a grease stain on your daddies underwear ! Respect your elders especially your Packers fan elders because they have been here through the dark times and you have NOT ! This team is about tradition and ALWAYS will be ! Tradition is Green Bay Football ! Give those “geriatrics” a team worth screaming for and you’ll have all the noise and beer sales you will ever want ! GO PACKERS ! i’ll be in those stands when I am 70 + and I will not hear any of this old guy BS nor will I be handing my tickets to young babies who think they can be better Packers fans after we’ve spent a lifetime of bleeding Green and Gold !! You are no Packers fan !


    @Jaden Parsons SO BULLSHIT !

    Nitty Lord

    I say move the team to team back to Milwaukee


100% not convinced in this man’s ability to call games to score more than 17 points per game !


    lets hope he does better Sunday !

    Matthew Smith

    You’re always commenting negative things on the Packers videos. You said we should have kept McCarthy. C’mon man. It’s week 1 in a new scheme against the top defense in the league. Our defense looks turned around, and we have Aaron Rodgers. Let them work out the kinks.

    Silver Neos

    Only packers coach since Lombardi to win his first game.

    C Daug.

    Silver Neos Pettine won that.

    Silver Neos

    @C Daug. The packers won.

Imda Mann

Well Matt I’m not sure what you’re used to but this is the NFC north and its a playoff atmosphere anytime we play any one in this division .


He says “Yeah No” a lot

Black Swan

How many times does Matt LaFleur say: “Yeah, no…” this year???

Lamajay Williams

Aaron Rodgers Relax😏 packers fans know what I’m talking about

Master King Lee

Is Matt giving a speech or what? I can’t f**king hear a damn question being asked clearly!

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