Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur believes Aaron Jones did an ‘unbelievable job’ in win – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Im a Packers Fan Reply

If we get minkah we going 19-0

    Jake Boldt Reply

    King of the North I agree Dez seams like a no brainer. Dude was always a clutch receiver.

    Ryan Carney Reply

    It would be nice to have minkah but that’s not our main priority we need another receiver that has experience and number 2 wide out like dez Bryant

    Ricco Patterson Reply

    Offensive linemen is what the Packers should be focusing on. This will create wider gaps and lanes for the running backs and ofcourse, better Qb protection. This is the packers ONLY weakness on offense.

    Ryan Carney Reply

    Ricco Patterson that is true but what happens if Davante Goes down Aaron doesn’t have a good receiver he can trust

    SJW Destroyer Reply

    Steelers just got him.

Daniel Malone-Pearson Reply

first 2 like

Darren Winick Reply

I feel this season has amazing potential, our defense is already looking amazing and our offense is really getting into shape, gonna be a great season! #gopackgo

Yooper eh? Reply

I think Matt’s doing an amazing job. Wins aside. Great demeanor. Locker room culture is awesome. Etc.

    Devin Bradshaw Reply

    Exactly, always willing to take responsibility, doesn’t put his guys down. You can tell everyone loves playing for him!

Walter Balan Reply

Reporters keep asking about Packers offense being a work in progress but they seem to forget that they just played probably the two toughest defenses in the NFL in the Bears and Vikings. I’m certain that the offense will improve on a weekly basis.

    king Muscle Reply

    Thank you

    Dan Mc Reply

    @king Muscle Well said. We need more positive comments from the press which it seems, they wait till some bad thing to happen so they can pounce.

    Ben Reply

    Walter Balan I agree but they’re also playing the Broncos next week, then the Cowboys soon after that. 3 weeks of potential top 5 defenses, and then another top 10 defense in the Cowboys shortly after that. After week 5, it should open up, but it’ll be interesting during this first part of the season.

The Big Oof Reply

Possible COTY?

    EliteGaming Reply

    If they get 13+ wins and a good playoff run he’s defo in the conversation. Turning a GB team around from 6 wins last year is insane

sarnow76 Reply


    Vern Porier Reply

    Packers Good good matt. Li fleur

Blk Pig Reply

It is the spirit, the will to excell, the will to win; these are the things that endure. These are the important things and they will always remain in Green Bay – Vince Lombardi 02/04/69

jasvinder91 Reply

Minkah Minkah Minkah

Hector Rodriguez Reply

Coach Lafleur the Packers offense of lineman need to protect Aaron Rodgers so he could Sprout more touchdowns and the defense needs to create more turnovers and monsters

    Taylor Warren Reply

    This could be said about any team in the NFL…. lol and I am a Pack fan!

voltronsupreme Reply

Rodgers always starts off slow and then cranks it up. Remember run the table. Usually by week four our offense kicks in.

sharpgluesticks gaming Reply

We don’t have money for minkah lmao did u guys forget how much we spent this offseason

    Tyler Anderson Reply

    Minkah is on a rookie contract for 3 more years.

    Terrence Aldridge Reply

    U right but wrong…. We have 13 million in cap so about 5 million in the draft keep 3million before the season. If minkah can take a huge 1 year deal 5 million and cut to be great he could replace William’s but its a fantasy thought

    Terrence Aldridge Reply

    Meant too add discount on huge deal

brandon butler Reply

Why does it feel like it’s tell us your play book so the opponents can find out what we doing. . Every interview. . And Matt sings like a bird

Jay austin Reply

915 forever motherfuckers

Keshan Mitchell Reply

Hell if we get jalen… we going undefeated.

    Alex Eddy Reply

    I dont see packers getting jalen. Would be nice but not happening.

Sharly moyal Reply

And Aaron Rodgers too!!

Samuel Weaver Reply

Is it worth trading for jalen ramsey? Would he fit in with the team the packers have? He is really talented and worth a first round pick but i don’t know if he would fit in with their personality.

    Just The Facts Reply

    Not with that cap hit he’s not should’ve snagged Minka over ramsey.

Chad Simons Reply

I like this guy. He has a great attitude and seems to be moving the team in the right direction. There is always room for improvement on both sides of the ball and it is week by week process!! 🏈🏈🏈 Go Pack Go!!

Ellendale D Reply

Everyone pay attention… this team has some serious juice. Locker room culture is on point DEFENSE is flying around and that offense is continuing to grow. All packer fans should be so excited for 2019. Coach has them rolling. #GOPACKGO

John Willard Reply

It’s early people settle down , be humble , Vikes averaged 8.2 yards per carry ! Hello ! I love my Packers but 8.2 ? Hmmm

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