Packers Defense Stops Bears w/ 5 Sacks & 1 INT | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

So this is how it feels like to have a good defense.

    Stutter of the House

    @Sn1p1nX420 -psn Bruh you’re embarssing Packer fans. You beat a medicore team with a overrated QB that struggled to move the ball all night. His passes were wack af, and it wasn’t due to good defense it was due to them being shitty throws and not giving his receiver a chance. Cordarelle Patterson is a decent WR, Cohen isn’t even a top 15 RB in the league and Trubisky is not even a top 20. Congrats.


    Day Be Trippin Salty Bears fan detected

    Lyle Lott

    @LTrain 45 which offense were you referring to? Lol

simon iswack

Thank god we have mitchell trubisky on our defense.

    Jacob Gomez

    RC RACER 88 3 points 😂😂😂

    Blake Noeske

    @RC RACER 88 oh you mean like defensive holding on a run play Cohen fumbled. Salty af.

    Christian Cazares

    RC RACER 88 😂 your funny all the calls the refs had weren’t bad, salty much?

    Detroit Over Everything

    @RC RACER 88 Here:

Jacob Davis

1st and 40.


    Don’t even get me started. I was in the stadium.

    Hunter Mielke

    try 3rd and 40

    Banquet Meal

    @Cortez You Bears fans are brutal. They were booing by the end of the first half lmfao.


    @Cortez it was the first game of the year and not into the 2nd half…no team deserves that lol.


There secondary is so young and scary just loook at there secondary in college

    Sean Wall



Packers defense came to play tonight.

It’s fitting that Adrian Amos got the INT against Mitch


    Swagsonville yeah you right. Bears D got to Rodgers all game

    Greytness _

    Bears nation said Amos had nothing left in the gas tank 😂

    #1 Juggy

    U a pack fan?

    Jay Walker

    @Greytness _ they was just salty acting like he wasn’t a top safety but I trust my eyes

    William Valentine

    Swagsonville Amos is highly underrated, he got robbed of a pro bowl section last year!


Wait till Urinating Tree gets ahold of this!

    Project X

    Hell Yea!

    Thomas Fleissner

    Love the tree!

    Erik Stensaas

    I’ve got a feeling he doesn’t like the Packers so hes probably going to be as irate as the Bears fans last night

Jack McCoy

Man i almost forgot what it feels like having a playmaker at OLB much less two of them. Alexander, King, Amos, Savage and the wiley vet Williams will be hard to throw on WHEN the offense click Packers will be a contender this year

    Jm Fd

    Jack McCoy 10-6 at best

    Grant Stock

    Jm Fd 12-4 at best my guy


“Packers defense watches as Trubisky sails balls 5 feet ever the receivers heads”

A Person I guess???

A good defense…. ahh it’s been a long time since we’ve had one of those…

    Adam Patterson

    I hope so

    Jeff Snipez

    A Person I guess??? *packers defense plays good* us packer fans “wow didn’t know it did that”

Loyal Philly fan

Them packers and bears defenses ain’t no joke

    Sean Wall

    @ray ray no they were rated as one of the better olines in the league

    Jerry Junior

    Loyal Philly fan Packers Defense got a break last night against a sloppy Bears offense.

    Alex Wilson

    Jerry Junior See ya week 4 at Lambeau 😤💪🏼🧀🧀🧀🧀

    Jerry Junior

    Alex Wilson New Orlean Saints, ah yes the big rematch, primetime game too, till then, ya have fun


    @Grant Stock go watch that game along with every season over again. Rodgers never has time. Shitty o line.


Safe to say the Bears won’t be doing much winning this season. What good is an elite defense when you can’t score points, that’s how you win games.

    Jacob Lestina

    dummy it’s game one remember when the bear held the rams to 6 points but they still made it to the super bowl

    Dakota Deal

    @Jacob Lestina and the Rams couldn’t score in that superbowl? Yeah, when you’re offense can be completely destroyed by better coaching, you shouldn’t be in the Superbowl

    Jacob Lestina

    Dakota Deal we’ll they shouldn’t of made it in saints got rigged


    Dooky 2000 ravens say hi

Itss Me Boiii_12

So this is what it feels like to have a good defense


I love this defense so much


Good God, the first few packer drives scared the sh*t out of me, lol.


    Bl SI lmao I feel you

    Bl SI

    @Quin lol.

    TheGreatGavino 6

    -17 yards in the first quarter is unheard of for the pack

00 00

They could have had Mahomes or Deshaun…. They got Blake Bortles clone.

    Sho Tohara

    00 00 he was considered the safest pick I wonder why…

    Monte Butler

    I’m not a bears fan but they played themselves not drafting Mahomes or Watson instead y’all got this incompetent mf Trubisky with was y’all thinking


Go the mighty PACK Go!!! From Australia ! 🙂

Larkin Hancock

Was this defense good or was the Bears offense so poor it tricked everyone?


    We will find out next week.

Mikeda Boss

They done messed around and gave aaron rodgers a defense!!!!!!

LTrain 45

If trubisky stared at a woman the way he looks at his primary receiver he’d be arrested! Talk about reckless eyeballing

RJ Ante

Trubisky looked so bad I thought Chicago traded for Bortles without me realizing it.

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