Packers Daily: September 30 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Adrian Luna

Cant wait for the cowboys this sunday

Levi LaBuda gam!ng

Here we come cowboys


    The Cowgirls got exposed by the Saints, terrible. They couldn’t run the ball. What a pitty. Defense needs to show up when we play in Dallas.

    Levi LaBuda gam!ng

    Mikeyboy 💯… hope to god we have adams


Are seasons over. We have to face Dallas then Detroit I dont understand how we lost to the eagles


    I wouldn’t say our season is over because the season just started. The Packers will be alright. But yeah I agree, shouldn’t have lost to the Eagles especially at Lambeau!!! Get it together Green Bay and let’s start winning some games. Go Pack Go!!!

    Daniel Cha


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