Packers Daily: October 9 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Chico Che

LETS GO PACK !!! 😤😤😤😤

Lil L

It’s gonna be a showdown that’s for sure!


whatever we got, we got to have it

Levi Anderson

5-1 please! I’m going to the game. Look for me. I’ll be in a Savage or Adams jersey 😎😎😎

    Adande Scrubs

    hopefully they both play. we’re gonna need em

    Jon Marsh

    as well as 1000 other people…..

Jr nu mex

;25 the smiths’, funny

Scout 805

Pack by 10!
Box to Wire!


packers will lose

    V. T.

    We shall c. Cowboy/Bears/Vikings fans said the same thing! The champs r back! Go Pack Go!!


    @V. T. don’t forget that banged up eagles team

    Jon Marsh

    @David packers were banged up too. no dpi call at the end


    @Jon Marsh LMFAO packers were fine and plus they were at home. missed calls on both teams. just like every game, buddy.


    Pack will win and youll go back to your moms basement with your tail between your legs knowing full well you’re an idiot

Albert Ogeda

Does anyone know if Adams is playing?

    Jon Marsh

    are you worried if he isnt?

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