Packers at Cowboys: Final Thoughts – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Grade Saver

First! Go pack go!

    Landon Jensen

    Grade saver I was actually first sorry

    Elektra Sparks

    Let’s Go Pack!!

Landon Jensen

Win please

    savage 135 2467

    Lose plz


Yo I’m here first comment Go Pack Go

    savage 135 2467

    Good for you but that go pack go not cool it’s suck pack suck

    The Big Oof

    savage 135 2467 English 100

Elektra Sparks

The Packers WILL win. Even with the injuries we’ve gotten. The rookie is showing who’s boss today.

    savage 135 2467

    @Elektra Sparks yes suck pack suck

    savage 135 2467

    @Elektra Sparks I was a packers fan until 2019

    Elektra Sparks

    @savage 135 2467 Oh…. Why’s that?

    savage 135 2467

    Cowboys win more than the packers

    savage 135 2467

    @Elektra Sparks but I will sud to you and sud back plz

thebull Devoe



    @Elektra Sparks 1 player wouldn’t make us lose smh, one year we were in Dallas without Rodgers and our rookie backup qb tied the all time td recored & 400 yards & we won smh..

    Breania Short

    What kind of Fukien fan are you!

    savage 135 2467

    @Breania Short SORRY IM COUSING OUT THE wrong person sorry

    savage 135 2467

    @Breania Short sorry

    savage 135 2467

    @Breania Short causing OUT the wrong person sorry

Landon Johnson

Go Pack Go!!!!!

    savage 135 2467

    Suck pack suck

William Mitchell

Go pack Go 💪🏻

Hector Rodriguez

3 words in my final thoughts

Beat those cowgirls

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