“Our only goal is to win.” | Josh Allen – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

“Our only goal is to win.” | Josh Allen

QB Josh Allen was mic'd up in the 21-17 home opener victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. Mic'd Up presented by Geico.

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thats 🔥 i love this team

Buffalo Fan716

Type of quarterback the Bills needed since Jim Kelly retired!

Buffalo Fan716

Josh Allen in 4th quarter tho
125 passer rating
10.6 yards per attempt
72.2 completion percentage
0 ints


    gimme dat every quarter



Tom Gillotti


Lee Smith… great words! Respect!


Kyle Gentner

I want to beat the Pats so bad. What’s the way to do it?

    L.J. Wolf

    Kyle Gentner 17

    Boss Hogg

    #17 in the 4th quarter. Just sit back, enjoy the ride and wait for the clock to strike zero.

    James Baker

    Give TB food poisoning? His HGH supply would probably nullify it anyway though. 😅

    Dustin J

    Put pressure on Brady. Hit him often, and hit him hard.

    Unknown User

    He gotta use his legs


God bless Josh Allen and the Buffalo BILLS!

Thumbsdown Bandit

2:06 roughing the passer right in front of an official and no flag.

    Aaron Mattison





    Brady would of gotten that call. lol

Nick Lepsch

Just when I thought I couldn’t love this friggin team anymore…the respect and love these players have for each other is unreal …I could feel it watching the video…as fans we need to be absolutely supportive (LOUD) at this next game i mean break the decibel level…F$cking love this team…Thank You coach McDermott for the Process!!…Go Bills!!!

    Dustin J

    Hell yes! Let’s go Buffalo!

Sonya Capotblanc

Game 3 was. Amazing. Best move .
After making that little bo’bo
I felt the pain . Is all good. I know for some reason you weren’t done. What a come back. almost. Have me a heart attack❤ I was jumping around crying. Happy Cry.. Josh your. Awesome. 3 -0. Soon be 4-0.
Buffalo Bills all the way
🎼”Ganna bring it Home. ” 🏈 🏆


Great mic’n up these players…sorta brings the sounds of the game to life especially when those pads crack against the other player’s. First words I recall hearing outta Josh Allen’s mouth were all about winning ball games…so his head is screwed on right.
Lotta dumpster fires around this league right now-but not here!! DB

Ginger Weatherbee

he’s a much better QB than singer.. thank goodness 🙂

j mk

Nice, but really how about his reaction tp 3 grizzly plays. I think he’s easily the best since Kelly but still raw and still makes some head scratching mistakes.

585 PhArmy

I teared up when lee smith had Allen’s back lol

Jeremy Deveraux

Being an Allen fan ( And a new Bills sophomore fan ) from Wyoming. And watching the way he’s embraced Buffalo, and Buffalo embracing him. It’s an awesome process. Class act man in a classy city! Let’s go Buffalo!!!!

    chris holtz

    That’s my QB, you will never find a more loyal fan base.

Tom Cauley

We have so many guys that just want to do their job well and win. Love it

Zachary Madden

Damn how about what Lee Smith said though,(talking to Josh after his bad pick) “You know I love you like a little brother, but that’s on ‘US’….I mean that….Cut out that ‘ME’ s**t….One thing I know about you, You ain’t a ‘ME’ kind of guy when you are doing great, so don’t be a ‘ME’ kind of guy when you do something bad. It’s on ‘US’..We are good…..Talking like a true veteran.

    Brandon Ohara


Christie Stevens

Josh Allen is bringing us to the promise land!!

Mike H

I am so excited and happy I am so excited and happy to finally have a franchise quarterback he will only get better in time

Big Dick

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a QB with so much fire & passion in my life, at any level of football!
Allen’s a total badass!!!

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