“Our Culture is Selfless Players” | Harrison Phillips Joins One Bills Live – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

“Our Culture is Selfless Players” | Harrison Phillips Joins One Bills Live

Bills DT Harrison Phillips joined One Bills Live on September 17, 2019 where he discussed the Bills defense, winning the first two games of the season, preparing to host the Bengals for the home opener in Week 3 and the growing culture of the team. He also talked about the ceremony the Bills will host prior to Sunday’s game to honor Pancho Billa and promoted The Teacher’s Desk.

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creezbee s. Reply

Never forget Pancho Billa.

eircification Reply

This man deserves the Walter Payton award. He is my favorite player not only because of his athletic talent but his HUMANITY. Thanks 99, Buffalo loves you.

the Daniel Reply

this is gotta be one of my favorite bills teams in recent memory. imagine if we still have stevie J aka GOAT

    LindysRuffians Reply

    I miss him a lot

    Eric Jablonski Reply

    And Freddie and Kyle…

charlie Walsh Reply

This guy had alot to do with the win against the giants he made a noticeable difference when he was on the field!

Steven J. Trump 2020 Reply

Buffalo Bills…
The KINGS of New York!

    Jamal Ginsburg Reply

    I thought Johnny Sack was the king of NY.

G Rock Reply

Pancho we miss you.

helpmenow7 Reply

I’m a great fan since 1965.

Ike James Reply

Do we really need star? Wish we wouldve saved that big contract.

    Joe Reply

    He s been good plus we have a ton of $$ still gonna be top 5 in cap space … I can t wait for 1 more good draft and off season . There building a beast here. GM of the year Brandon Beane

John Roberts Reply

You will be a Buffalo Bill for a very long time. We see you!

rezvordwg Reply

stay with us awhile Harry , you can make this your home son . Been a Bills fan since 1967 , I was 9 . First Bills game , The Rock Pile ! Your never going to find better fans ………

Blablabla Blabittybla Reply

MAKE SOME NOISE this Sunday!!!

iamrichrocker Reply

the culture that Coach and the Bills have strived for is starting to pay off..and it shows in the play and the interviews…it is hard to temper expectations..cautiously i hope for so much more..

Tom Nemitz Reply

The Bills sure do have high character players. Hats off to ownership and the front office.

Ryck Rarick Reply

Win it this Sunday for Pancho!

Paul C Bentley Reply

Go Bills

Denis Maksimchuk Reply

Ain’t nothing wrong with subway unless u want it done your way. Lol stick to the process !! #BillsMafia

Douglas Masters Reply

This team is one big extended family. Reminds me of how close a lot of the guys still are today from the glory years. The culture McDermott and Beane have been able to instill in that building is the foundation to continued success on the field. They also keep bringing in the right guys, and this team has something special brewing. Keep on trucking 99, Billsmafia loves all of you guys!

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