On the Road vs. Jets for Week 2 | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

On the Road vs. Jets for Week 2 | Cleveland Browns

Travel with the Cleveland Browns on their way to New York for their matchup with the Jets.

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Gmoneyy444 Reply

Let’s get dem jets!!!!!

Malachi Fisher Reply

It’s all business



Robert Vasquez Reply

Let’s show ppl how much heart and talent we have….Get it done Browns

Cameron Croley Reply

Wow what a nice vid

o_Im_Dave Reply

They better beat the jets…. if they don’t, that’s just sad with all the talent they have.

    Edward Gaines Reply

    Just because you have stockpile of weapons, doesn’t mean you have the right ammo for it.

    But I’m cautiously optimistic. Go Browns!

    o_Im_Dave Reply

    Right, but that stockpile needs to be used correctly. They need to make smart decisions.

Joshua Vandemark Reply

Lets go boys!! Last week is in the garbage and let’s show the NFL what we’re really capable of doing!! What better time than Monday night lights…Dawg Pound Baby!! Go BROWNS!! 🏈🏈

Lucas C Reply

This is a must win game. Zero tolerance for any other result gentlemen!

    Edward Gaines Reply

    Darnold is out with Mono. The odds are very much in Brown’s favor.

    Dino Dimension Reply

    @Edward Gaines so is Mosley, and Quinnen Williams, and Quincy Enunwa, no excuse if we lose.

cth3031170 Reply

Well, the plane grew winglets after loading!

Not A RealPresident Reply

🏈Common Browns , this is professional football not pee wee football . Stop The Stupid Penalties , Block For Baker Mayfield & Nick Chubb 🏈. Improve That Secondary , Get The Ball 🏈To ALL Of Your Receivers . Your better than most teams . 🏈GO BROWNS🏈


If we lose imma jump out my window 😖
But I think we can pull it off 🙂

Rare_Breed _901 Reply

Let Monken call the plays bcuz Freddie don’t know how to be balanced he did a good job last year with disguise of the offense making pass look like run with a heavy 3 or 2 tight end sets that’s y the O line got better bcuz they had help in max protection now all he do is 4 n 5 wide out with No Help on the O line……. Chubb average 5.0 yards a carry n he stop feeding him the ball……. We need to be a run heavy play action team that will open up things down field for Obj n others n help Baker get easier open window throw plus he need to install the RPO plays

Michael Walker Reply

Run the damn ball for a change … Then play action … Chubb is being wasted and as a result so is Bakers body…

    1 dame Reply

    I 100% agree with you!!!

Insane Asylum Reply

Yea, y’all better come back with the Statue of Liberty this time, then maybe opposing teams won’t question your heart…

browns1ism Reply

I’m already my level from 0-10 is at 25 cmon guys get it together and play smart tough football

Abun Dance Reply

Cleveland is behind you guys. We believe. It doesnt matter what the media says. We see the unseen and believe the impossible. Its love. Play free guys and Coach free Cleveland loves you

Marion Lopez Reply

Y’all better make sure that plane ride’s worth it. Live up the hype, y’all wanted this, now own it.

Max Nikolenko Reply

This is not the time to comercialize pilot/flying J truck stop foam cups. No football player wants to be associated with a truck stop.

Tr Tr Reply

Played at 0.75x thanks !! 😎😁

Coopabad Reply

Gotta love all these wanna be coaches in the comments

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