Olivier Vernon on Lamar Jackson: “He’s a phenomenal athlete” | Player Sound – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Michael Fraser

I really wish we hadn’t traded Zeitler for Vernon, I mean Vernon is good but he hasn’t shown to have as much value as Zeitler so far.

    Parish Stevens

    Michael Fraser how if he been doing his job. Just cause it ain’t always a sack doesn’t mean he not producing smh

    Michael Fraser

    Parish Stevens I said he’s good? But Zeitler is a top pass protecting guar and I think fills more of a hole then Vernon

VLaD Anto

3 games and not even once has his name been called for making a play… dude needs to step up

    Parish Stevens

    VLaD Anto he been solid for three games.


    Pressuring the QB without actually sacking them is still and impact play. He’s also tackling the RBs. That was a huge concern coming into the season. So he’s not getting statistical recognition but he’s contributed. That being said I’d rather we’d have kept Kevin on the O-line. We have other guys that can do what he does.


When is this guy going to do something duckface?

Ohio Biker

Hard to believe he’s a cops son and sounds so damn uneducated.

    Brian Tan

    sounds fine to me, also its hilarious that you think cops are highly educated 😂😂😂

    Antuan Johnson

    Brian Tan right? How tf does a cop sound?😂😂

    rahn ezell

    Hell educated is an action not a sound.

bmc 227


P.M. Hart

Him Larry n sheldon taking on all comers so Myles can get the sacks. We will see how disciplined they can be with Lamar having the ability to make them pay.

Becky Chuck

Can’t wait to move to Cleveland in the off season to get a Fresh Cut From Bug

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