Ok Run DMC is Giving Drew Pearson a Run for His Money #Shorts – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Bob O'Brien


Mark Ministre


Madden Family

Definitely not first

    Mark Ministre

    yeah your 3rd

    Steven Seth

    You’re still a loser

Barclay Pierre élève

if u know u know if u dont know get to know but you’re not gonna know from me, I’m not a scientist, I don’t feel like breaking it down.




    Cobra Ranger

    Sheeesshh 🤣👍

Jayden Lord


    Mark Ministre

    Your Not First Loser

    Mark Ministre

    bob o Brien was first

Nolan Lee

I’m first

    Mark Ministre

    Your Not First Loser

    Mark Ministre

    Bob o brien was first

Pablo Mendoza


nashville slim

I don’t gaf who’s first all I know is that was truly terrible.

Madden Family


Nikao Harbour

When you find out the fathers of rap are Steelers fans, you officially go to country

    Eric Tarentino

    Your loss

    Sumswag Gaming

    see ya

Dats a paddlin

He’s DMC…it’s like dat!!!! And dats da waaaaay it iiiiiiis!!!!!!!!

kydrek alexander

Were they boo’ing him?

    Eric Tarentino

    cause its in Cleveland , theres alot of browns fans there

Quail Banks

🔥 best introduction tonight

Michael Johnson

This was not hype at all and it was cringe


U gotta admit even if ur not a Steelers fan, that intro was fire 😂. It got all the Browns fans riled up 💀

Michael Hession

DMC and Franco Harris vs MGK and Myles Garrett vs Jacoby Jones


Even know I’m a diehard Ravens fan and I hate the Steelers this was 🔥

Tsuephin Yang

lol lmao

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