Oh… Good Call, Referee. #shorts – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Cesar Victoria

Kelce the heart of our team !

Maharaja Ramzan

Jason Kelce will forever be one of my favorite Eagles of all time


Such a dad personality he’s become love it


That reaction is basically every Eagles fans😂

    Michael Hellwarth

    No, that’s every team in their fans

    Jesse Rutt

    @Michael Hellwarth he is talking about this call dude…


    @Jesse Rutt Michael is definitely a Cowboys fan🤡

    Michael Hellwarth

    @Jesse Rutt oh my bad but please let it be alone. I am not a Dallas fan. I grew up in Philadelphia.

Michael Hellwarth

He’s so awesome I think he’s getting ready to win another Super Bowl!

    H H

    bro chill, we’ve played 6 games against mid competition


    @H H also have by far the best roster and chemistry out of every team in the nfc

Wukong Sun

Oh good call 😂😂

Scottie Landon AKA Lucky

Ok we will take that



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