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Matthew Chidester

Hope he plays a regular season game next season.. Deserves a shot at least

    Andrew Yacos

    How they do not give him a chance, on Special Teams to start is beyond me, he will put butts in the stadium.

Vibz shop

My two new JETS players are CASHMAN AND HOLMES

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Its simple, give him early ball on the right edge of the scrimmage and He will beat his opponent with his classy foot work and speed

    David B

    And very simple/easy to defend. Don’t look at the gridiron field like a rugby/league field. Val succeeded in the preseason catching passes against poor coverage & against 4th/5th stringers. He’s got very good speed & agility but his footwork needs more improvement

    Sweet Uce

    David B true his footwork is mud in NRL. Guys like Kayln ponga would do damage in the nfl.

    David B

    Sweet Uce No he wouldn’t. Footwork like Ponga’s doesn’t translate well into American football. The jump steps & goose steps Ponga employs means his feet are leaving the ground which takes away from having sufficient power & reaction time against faster &/or bigger defenders I the NFL. And like all rugby/league players he runs too upright

paul west

He lead receiving yards in that last match I think? Pretty good considering he would have had the least amount of time on the field?
I think he did not look good as a running back, as he was being diligent and running exactly as the play told him to-so he didn’t show his natural ability/instinct to beat a man easily.
Hopefully he keeps at it and trys again next year.


    Yeah I totally agree on the handoffs. He’s not as refined as he is as a receiver in the open field where he can do his thing. They’re taught to hit the hole where it was designed to go. He’s raw and they want him to learn the right way. He’ll get better at it as he gets more comfortable and learns as he sees others doing it.

andrew webster

The Jets have an absolute super star in there practice squad in Holmes and he will be very beneficial to help them prepare for each game
and he will be so much better for the year there . Hopefully he get a shot next season . Our loss in Australia Jets gain . Good luck Mate
We will be watching from a far in Australia

Kiwi sports fan83

There’s so much to the game to learn. It athletically he’s got the goods…. all it takes is injuries and he could get a shot

Booker Uzzell

For a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing,he is great!By next season he should be real scarey!!!🏈🏈🏈


This was really good. Val was visibly nervous. (Don’t recall him ever being quite so nervous back in Australia.) But he carried himself well and the interviewers were great, which is rare for Americans interviewing Australians. Good job also on nailing down that rugby (union) and league are very different games. (League fans do take that very seriously!) And to the Jets fans watching this: as an American who has religiously followed the National Rugby League for years, you can rest assured that having an exemption in place to land you someone with Val Holmes’ talent on your practice squad is a MAJOR coup. If he learns what he needs to learn this season, he can make a real push at making the 53 next year and being a very handy pick up for you guys. Good luck to him!

    Zach iJ

    Haha cant blame anyone from around the world seeing two codes, ‘Rugby League’ and ‘Rugby Union’, and assuming the same sport is being played in both, ie ‘Rugby’. Which is technically true, its just that in the beginning the two codes split apart early on due to disagreements in minor(ish) rules and once the ‘Union’ and ‘League’ were formed they ended up being synonymous with the code itself and became cemented as the actual names. Ie im playing Rugby League, not playing in the Rugby League. Pointless tangent I know, but hey, its the Jets official YT so im sure therell be someone that can learn something from it ha

Faris Mee

How much will Holmes be paid as a practice squad member this season? Be interested to know since he’s turning down about $650,000 USD back home to stay in NY.

Greg Duff

Quality human being and great athlete. Hope he does well with the Jets. Have been a fan since Joe Namath was the QB!

Rocco Rizzo

Great show boys! Let’s go Jets!


Awesome content Val is still the man wish him all the best hope u make the run on roster and kill it cause I love the jets that’s my team


Val is just a beast and a humble athlete overall, he’ll succeed in what ever he decides to do

Nik graham

Mean vel all the best my bro

White Owl

BS he should be playing not training this season

paul o'callaghan

Valentine’s a very modest guy.He was in the prime of his league career when he left and every team in Australia is ready for the bidding frenzy when he comes back to Australia.

Jungle Boy

I’m guessing it was Jason Taumalolo that went with him for that training 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Harry Wallace

    It was

Damage Incorporated

An Nfl player probably wouldn’t do well playing league, totally different games, if they were really smart and really wanted to they’d be amazing, but the fans would be too ruthless on any mistake, phenomenal athletes though

Patrick Naera

Wishing Val all the best in the NFL and continued happiness to he and his wife on their new ventures in USA.

Mark Allen

American football is so regimented and slow. There is little chance for Valentine to slip a tackle, and run 40 yards without all that padding slowing him down.
Going from a game that runs continuously, to one that runs in 10 seconds bursts will kill any chance to VH to show his real talent.

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