The Cowboys offensive position coaches Gary Brown, Doug Nussmeier, and Sanjay Lal break down what they've seen from the offense during offseason workouts.

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34 replies on “Offensive Coaches: Evaluating OTAs | Dallas Cowboys 2019”

  1. First๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€โœŒ๐ŸพโœŒ๐Ÿพ

  2. Dak Zeke Cooper Cobb Gallup Witten!

  3. Gary Brown we need to run out of the spread at times like you did with the oilers. We still need more involvent in the backfield w more rbs so we can maximise our scoring abilities.

  4. I hate to say this, but if you watched the Zeke video then you see he is guilty and acted like a punk. Unfortunately he will probably get suspended for a certain amount of games and we will not have him for all 16 games. I don’t think we can rely on two rookies to replace him for his suspension. If he was suspended two years ago for 6 games and there was no evidence of anything and he was never found guilty of anything, then I’m sure he will be suspended again. As a fan I hope not, but it will probably happen. If I’m the Cowboys front office I’m already preparing for it.

  5. Imagine Tom Brady In The Cowboys For 2yrs mybe 1 before he retires or mybe coming out of retirement for only 2 yrs but i doubt it . @1:45

  6. Having a Coach For Life Man Thats Probably What We Need To Get Our Young Youth or even 25 + To Look Up to Someone After School During Summer Vacation Mybe Going To College Or Just Going Into The Real Life IS WHAT WE NEED of course pay $$$ The Coach too Right.

  7. I think that heโ€™s still in the league โ€œprobation program โ€œ… and he isnโ€™t supposed to have any incidents. The big clown and Troy Vincent will have something to say.

  8. However, I do believe that we can weather the storm without him…at least 6 games. Remember that he didnโ€™t miss much as a rookie, and Weber was one of urban s,and Pollard wonโ€™t miss much either. The big question will be about the rb controversy that they will create

  9. So true bro,so true. It seems like Goodelly has a hard on for Jerryโ€™s guys when it comes to punishment

  10. I love hearing from the lesser talked about & lesser interviewed Assist Coaches

    I wish there were more content on these guys

  11. Lmfao I was like what is this guy talking about then I see that guy walking ๐Ÿ˜‚who is he ?

  12. Don’t forget about Gallup & Jarwin now that they have an extra year under their Belts, that’s a Nightmare for Our opponents, Pick Your Poison.

  13. @Mark Rains
    Very true facts
    And but the calloused-minded Scott Linehan is nomore

    Stats have proven that every TE corp under Linehan regressed
    Including JWitt
    Witt retires
    Scott’s fired
    Witt returns
    HMMMM now huh๐Ÿค”

    Those stats cover Linehan at MIA, LA, Detroit & Dallas

    Then we all know how he failed to use Zeke in th3 redzone
    How he stacked the box on obvious run downs which actually impeded Zeke’s chances
    He didn’t use Switzer, Olawali, Tavon, etc when a Belichek or McVay or Dougy P would’ve….

    Gone are those head-scratching days my friends
    That was the biggest addition, (via subtraction of Scott), our FO made all off-season

    Onward towards perfection

  14. @jeremy xThis is a high scoring league that had new rule changes that favor the receivers and Qbs.

    Just remember It doesnt matter how great you are at moving the chains and getting down the field. The objective is to score more points than your opponent not just getting more receptions and running out the clock. Lol. The main objective of a te is to win using your stature in the red zone to score. Blocking is overated when your drawing triple coverage but it helps.

    When ya got a bunch of skilled players who can move the chains but cant cross the Goaline you are gonna kick fgs. Lol.

    Its not that easy to score in the NFL. You have to keep rotating fresh ideas, fresh players, different personnel groups, different looks, different skillsets. Were stuck in the 12 formation without a dominant scoring threat on the team and were not gonna find one if we dont rotate.

    Coming out and rotating and staying fresh and unpredictable is more important than being an everydown player.

    We all know what #82 can do. Hes limited on speed, breaking tackles, and going up over guys to get balls. Hes got a good head bob move but thats about it. The rotation will be good for him and the team. And harder to defense against

    It takes speed and moves, tackle breaking ability, and go up and get a ball skills to score in the NFL. If anybody could teach that to these young receivers and tes to score its not #82 Its the alpha dog #88 who he is chasing for tds. Im not a huge #88 fan but when you dont have an alpha dog that can win those 50/50 balls in the air and rack up big yacs youre prolly missing an important skillset

  15. @Mark Rains
    I can agree w/that Mark

    And but
    A great defense nullifies high scoring offenses

    Both NE & LA could put up major points
    Yet it was the most lackluster SB in quite some time

    Defenses still wins championships
    The team w/the most points in the end wins

    The league’s attempting to create a “sexy” high scoring league
    It remains to be seen whether defenses will rise to the occasion or not

    Excellent points here
    We had the personnel to punch it in from both afar & redzone
    Linehan failed to employ & deploy the talent on the field
    That’s why he was released

    Now those key points you’ve just stated can now begin to flourish & produce

  16. @jeremy x i never liked linehan. Of course im not a big proponent of the bell cow system and the dual te schemes. The dual running back systems win more than rushing championships. Rbs are just more dynamic players than these fbs and old schoool checkdown tes. We need guys that can score POINTS not just block for the 2-3 best players. It takes more than 2-3 guys to carry a team at scoring when teams are putting up 35 points.

    Yeah the patriots did win a low scoring Superbowl but they had to do some high scoring in the regular season and playoffs to get to that one game.

    The Rams monotony caught up with them in the playoffs of course. Their te actually won them a playoff game. But then he flatlined at the next level and almost didnt make it to the Superbowl. He flatlined in the Superbowl also. Thats part of why Ne looked so good on Defense. Both offenses laid an egg. Gurley and cupp got hurt also.

    The Patriots had to outscore kc last year and how did their defense look against them? Lol.

    There are some great players and offenses you just cant stop sometimes. Youre gonna have to dominate points at times

    Ya cant do that with two tes on every passing snap when your entire core only has 1 td in 15 games. Lol. That stat you can butter it up all ya want but every pass they dont catch is one less opportunity that someone more capable can. You have the scoring averages for coop for 4 years, Cobb, Witten, Gallop and then you know what the te core and #3-#4 wr had. Add them up and ya got a bunch of fgs on paper and why scheme is a big part of scoring i think youll see that why these numbers go up and down they usually start tapering off the minute you start having success. Ya got to do something different then target zeke if hes only getting 5-6 tds for 2 years straight

    Cooper had 7 tds last year. He got 3 against the eagles in one game so he actually only scored in 5 games out of 16. His stats would be more impressive if he had scored in 7 games. Some say he can hit 10 tds but his stats for 4 years say hes a 7td a year guy max. Everything else is hype until ya see it in black and white

  17. @Mark Rains
    95% correct 5% I’m not going to prematurely speak on w/out careful consideration

    I’ve never said anything contrary to those points Btw
    Not saying you’re implying I have either

    In all that you’re also saying putting up monster points isn’t the absolute guarantee for winning regular nor postseason games

    A win’s a win whether by a point or 31 points
    You lose whether by a point or many

    There are QB’s who never have to score more than 17-21 points because of their stellar defenses
    They can throw 3 int’s & their defenses keep them in the game

    It’s hand in glove, when it all boils down

    You’re good Mark


  18. He’ll be suspended for 2-3 games. Security guard flopped but as a whole he will be suspended for past incidents.

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