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Horsey McHorseFace

Waiting for the josh Jacobs snub comments

    Jiggy Bah

    Ruben Krishna lol right wtf did he even do this year? N I love Kyler

    Jiggy Bah

    SilkyGames yeah Crosby snapped this year

    Jiggy Bah

    J W lol literally


    Ruben Krishna did you watch Murray play and the team played with? Your delusional if you think he is overrated

Tweek TP

All in all, these rookies are special.

    CP3's Right Hamstring

    Terry McLaurin wasn’t even mentioned? Dude is pretty damn good..


    CP3’s Right Hamstring exactly! Not a single person is mentioning him. He had more yard with the same amount of receptions as DK. Dk fumbled 2 times. Terry would’ve had 10 or more tds if he wasn’t overthrown so much, and he also had 3 different qbs. He was being double teamed a lot cause he was basically the only target they really had. Also, he lead the league in most contested catches.


Miles Sanders……… Big ups to those guys chosen. Congratulations Nick Bosa

Svt ShockW4v3

The OROY is Kyler Murray „sad Josh Jacob sounds“

    John Bencomo

    @Brandyn Cozad Josh Jacob’s carried the Raiders this year gtfoh

    Brandyn Cozad

    @John Bencomo lol and he still ain’t the rookie of the year get over yourself he didn’t do anything special didn’t have any special stats gtfoh


    @Brandyn Cozad special stats? Boy you sound like special needs

    Brandyn Cozad

    @Juan José Alvarez even better

Chris Paul point god

4:11 only god knows i have the reason to believe murray hit the ground after that🤔

    Dan King

    Chris Paul point god what?

    Chris Paul point god

    @Dan King murray fell after jumping in the air while making contact with his teammate


    Chris Paul point god nah he landed I hope

Sid Shreenath

I think josh Jacobs should have won, but dk metcalf should have been in the convo

    Humble Rumble

    Nope Kyler was way better


    We have a winner , who tf cares about the “conversation” now

    jager German

    @Bronson Herald are you f****** stupid. Josh Jacobs had ten times better season. And help the Raiders win more than four games unlike Kyler Murray. And who cares if Kyler Murray had a rushing stat, it shouldn’t matter unless it puts up yards like Russell Wilson or Lamar Jackson. Just Jacobs was all over the field and 8th most in Carrie’s. It’s total BS NFL is just a popularity contest now. Kyler Murray did piss all this year


    Humble Rumble your a ravens fan so of of course you would say that Danny dimes is the best rookie qb but Jacobs still should have won

Abe Secured

I’m surprised DK Metcalf wasn’t a candidate

    Kofi George

    I know, right?


    Especially since he made big plays with an average quarterback


    @EmptyHand49 you’re on drugs if you think Russel Wilson is an “average quarterback” lmao


Bruh were is Josh Jacobs at

This Guy

I played kyler murray in the play offs my senior year of high school and he smoked us. Very athletic and humble dude


    Tuugasala Leiato did he dance?


    I played against marshon lattimore

    c c

    Your team just sucks Murray can’t even see over his o line


    c c your madd

yoboi ac

Congrats to both winners but Jacobs was playing with a broken shoulder and out for couple games I think he should of won the reward

DK was also playing amazing!

    Kandon Fears

    Aj was better than D.K

    David Wilson

    yoboi ac Kyler Murray had more passing yards than mvp Lamar jackson

    Erick Lopez

    If Jacobs didnt miss any games then he would of won it

    freduardo fredrico

    @ZachtheComicartist foreal, no one cares about the titans :/ the kid played like a pro bowler all year tho

Ethan studios

in legend it was said that Steve Harvey would give me a Full team of white people if i give him a black Owner…

The Geek Freak

All is right in the Universe when a cowgirl is handing out an award to a 49er🤣🤣🤣

    Self Made Trillin

    That’s sexist


    Issac999 the fact that you had to point out that your comment was sarcastic shows us just how stupid the average Cowboys fan is.

    Catalina Degenerate

    Self Made Trillin you’re gay

CodeName PizzaJr

Saquon was nervous af lmao

    Christopher Pasos

    Yeah he was speaking fast and that part where he messed up and went “ooh”

Aaron Beaulieu

I love how pointless this award show is when the official NFL app announces the winners 2 hours before it goes live


    The award show isn’t live

    Aaron Beaulieu

    @SAH123 let me rephrase that. Its pointless that they show the award show to the general public, 99.999% of the people who are invested in it, 2 hours after they announce everything. Make the show live instead of taped.

    Elusive Poet

    @Aaron Beaulieu They know no one’s watching

    J Dragon

    It’s a formality really if any thing

Johnny Tsunami

As a Hawks fan I got huge respect for both of these guys. Both are gonna be beast in the NFL for many years to come. NFC west is def the best division in football as well


    Johnny Tsunami respect man. I’m just glad 49ers and Seahawks can continue their rivalry

    All Facts

    @alaguilera98 arc west is more competitive

J Nic

Nick Bosa’s mom really gave birth to two DROY

    Sam Johnson

    Don’t forget the Watt and Gronk parents. Also twin wise the tiki parents and McCourty parents

    Euphoric Vision01

    I see Tj watt as a dpoy coming. Imagine two sons winning dpoy

    Liam Clements

    His dad was an NFL defensive end as well

    Jamaal 4real

    michael carlock bruh there mom built more like a linebacker than them though😂😂 I think genes came from her

Shaggy Zoinks

Maxx Crosby is gonna be a poranial pro bowl talent just you wait and watch!


maybe for OROY it shoulve been Josh Jacobs no disrespect to kyler

Joe Gallagher

Josh Jacobs got that award snatched from him

Beef Testosterone

Miles sanders should’ve been at least a candidate

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