Off The Clock: Kelechi Osemele Shares His Love Of Asian Cuisine In NYC | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Donald Wilson Reply

God that looks so good

Jonny Sac Reply

This chooch signed with the Jets & then went on the leanord Williams diet too. This guy can care less about football. Funny how they try & transform to models

    red star Reply

    Jonny Sac we need old fashion football players. We don’t need artists or culinary experts. This current team needs to be stripped down and built up through multiple draft picks and free agency. It is up to the GM to get this done!

JB Reply

Too bad he doesn’t share a love for winning Football games.

    Chris Cobach Reply

    C’mon I want the jets to win much as the next guy but KO is actually one of the few good players the jets have. When you have 4 other terrible linemen it’s kinda hard to look good.

    JB Reply

    @Chris Cobach I’m just being smart to lessen the pain of being a die hard fan of this crummy franchise

    Chris Cobach Reply

    JB gase is the real issue his scheme is garbage u can tell the players don’t buy into it at all. More than likely the jets will start 0-6 and then they have a ligit chance of competing in the next 7 games Jaguars, dolphins, giants, redskins, raiders, bengals, dolphins. All of those games are winnable, I wouldn’t throw the season out quite yet with darnold and Herndon coming back the offense could look respectable like the defense. 7-6 going into week 15 is a possibility.

    Tyler Williams Reply

    Nice profile pic 👍 👌

    Chris Cobach Reply

    Tyler Williams you really should remove the great Jamal Adams from your profile considering you are a bandwagon fan.

KConthebeat Reply


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