Odell Beckham Jr. “We gotta eliminate the mistakes” | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jarvis Juice

Lets SQUASH this ridiculous watch story!!!

    Tha Realist

    Tell yo boy Odell to stop complaining about Gwd aggressive defense and that how we go be monday night.

    Dennis S

    Watch it!


    They know what time it is! Go Browns!

Jarvis Juice

Eliminate the penalties!!!!!

Vash Stampede

Baker may not have quite, but there were clearly others….


OBJ seems real annoyed here, hopefully we get to destroy the jets and have a even bigger blow out this week.


I see the loss against the titans as a wake up call. & it actually humbled them more

Benjimayn Vai

We have to chip away with the inches. Stop looking for big plays. Playcalling will improve. Grind out the game. Come fourth quarter, with our talent, the flood gates should open. No shortcuts. Let’s go BROWNS!

Leroy Xiong

The Media need to stay in football topic only and instead ask other personal things and business

Jamie Aviles

I’d put money on it that his comments on Greg Williams becomes a issue.


    Nah NFL does not want to talk about that. Beckham knows that.

    T Dunne

    Ya I found it pretty interesting too. I knew about bounty gate but thought he cleaned up his act…guess not!


    Correction: The media turns it into an issue to try to create drama


    @T Dunne GW good coach, but definitely a line crosser. OBJ just calling him out to set up game day.

    Edward Gaines

    OBJ basically said Gregg teaches his players “dirty hits.” Well…he’s not wrong. #Bountygate.

abdul smith

OBJ just do what you can control, ball out……


Where can I get that hoodie? Don’t see it on NFL shop

    Lucy Wills

    Maybe the Browns Pro Shop online. The NFL shop has different items than that one.

B skrillz

do you OBJ.lets go browns!!!


OBJ’s NY homecoming…he’s going to go off. He has to. This is like visiting your ex after your divorce at your old house LOL #LetsGetIt #Browns

    T Dunne

    ChoppaCal and you know This!!!!

    Edward Gaines

    Well your comparison was pretty specific.

    J Money

    ChoppaCal not really it’s the jets

T Dunne

Dang there are some salty trolls up in here! Let go Browns!!!!

Dennis S

Duh! tou know what we gotta do … we gotta score more points

GamingwithKay !

Who ever fake laughing in the background is a goof ball!!

jake b

“what has to be different than on sunday?” literally everything lol


That miscellaneous laughing guy is great!
Go Browns!

King Savage

The hate on obj is so dumb just let him be him he on the best WR in the game and that facts

Captain Thumper

Obj has to take off the damn watch. This is exactly the bullshitsky I knew he was gonna bring to this team.

    Captain Thumper

    @Ethan Stewart I don’t sure but management does so we will see what happens when obj gets suspended.

    Ron Hawkins

    You white we don’t care what you think about it

    Edward Gaines

    @Ron Hawkins How do you know he’s White? If I assume you’re Black, nobody cates about you because you’re only 13% of the population. The Democrats of course will pander to the 16% called the Hispanics, not you. But hey, keep on voting Democrat. The original slave party that doesn’t care about you.

    Charles Rushing

    Bruh everyone tripping about the watch but seahawks CB Shaquil Griffin had a watch on too against the Bengals last sunday FACTS look for yourself. The media rides OBJ nuts HELLA SMH

    Captain Thumper

    @Ron Hawkins ya back at ya you dumb negro. Had you finished school and actually learned anything while there you’d know that 13% of a population cannot beat the other 87%. That’s called math boy. You would have learned that had you gone to class. So how many different men does your crackhead mother bring home each week? Do you know who your daddy is? Go finish school, learn how to speak correctly and then stop talking until your drug drained brain catches up.

Arnold Davis

Got to stop playing like idiots unsportsmanlike conduct gave Titians the game

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