Odell Beckham Jr.: “I’m very excited for what we have in front of us” | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Mike Johnson Reply

To bad the QB is all hype..

    J Cage Reply

    Prove your statement.

    Ash32 Games Reply

    It’s funny cause you just hoped on the train of people who say Baker is bad but you have no proof shut up you jerk

    Clint Holt Reply

    I love his sarcastic answer to the question “how do you keep all the playmakers happy?” “Just throw for 600 yards and rush for 200 yds per game” 😂

Bryce Reed Reply

At first I didn’t like the trade bc I thought he would cause personality issues but he’s matured a lot since his giant days and obviously he’s a great player

    Tre Slime Reply

    Obj is a dog he gets criticized for wanting to win he’s never had a good QB

    Bryce Reed Reply

    Tre Slime ye I really hope baker has a big jump this season and if not we need to move on

D Mor Reply

he’s really restrained his temperament and mindset since being in cleveland. i’m hoping the best for him and this team this season.

Regimes oftruth Reply

nuthin really matters when you win 🙂

Tevin Prejean Reply

#OBJSzn2020 🐺

Sauce Mantana Reply

This dude is measured and matured the haters gonna have a long year obj wr1

A.C. Walker II Reply

OBJ just had to adjust to being a Clevelander 💯 I can’t wait to see the Browns rule the North!

Nieve Tyler Reply

2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

Mariah Smith Reply


AkioAkemi Reply

Best answer to close.

Matthew Bratton Reply

He’s a great player but no stupid penalties like taunting opposing players like last year.

Stan ezen Reply

Browns 10-6, playoff bound. Good luck dog pound. Haters won’t make a sound when you’re around. Browns. Go to town, now, show them clowns

Csongor Szendrey Reply

I got a friend of mine. When he gets quiet and measured, look out because that’s when dangerous things happen.

tito jackson Reply

Yea Cleveland is definitely not a party city like New York a Miami or even a L.A. I think coming to Cleveland was a good move for OBJ from a football stand point

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