Odell Beckham Jr.: “I’m not going anywhere” | Player Sound – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
joe lav

As a Ravens fan I enjoy this “meltdown” prior to our rematch / revenge game . Hahahaha


    whats funny is if youre a ravens fan youre TECHNICALLY a browns fan. try and process that.

    joe lav

    @Rated your not wrong there. Tbh I do have a spot in my heart for the current Browns too. I feel bad for em and hoped this year would be a turn around season following a decent year last year….. I’d put em in my top five . But weeks they r vs Ravens they are my second least fav behind the cheatriots (who are forever and always gonna be my most despised in all of sports )

    Jordon Post

    joe lav we gonna lose but we can say we beat each team atleast once ❤️

    joe lav

    @Jordon Post fair. Ur in elite company getting even one w over us. Your KC LVL great if that’s the bench mark 😉

    CLR Bubby Dadz

    U guys are having the season everyone expected us to have 😭


But Freddie kitchens is right?

Rasheed Lewis


Jay A Howard

Thank you


Kudos to Odell Beckham jr for stating the obvious, I wonder what the hacks in the Cleveland media like Tony grossi are gonna write about now! SMDH


Yeah Odell really sounds like a diva that wants to leave Cleveland, you lying pricks in the media should be ashamed of yourselves especially Tony grossi!

Jordon Post

I love yiu

Yonah Schlesinger

R.I.P. Mike Silver

Wesley Thomas

go Browns babyyyyyyyy

CCecil 6

It doesn’t matter what’s true or not. Cleveland sports just need to sit every player down before they join and ask if they are gonna cry cuz it’s not L.A. make sure their whiny asses can handle a little snow and cold weather. Make sure they will be grown ups and put in the work to win no matter how the season is going

Josh K

he ain’t buy a house to move again



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