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OBJ Browns Debut | NFL 2019 Highlights

Odell Beckham Jr. makes his 2019 debut with the Cleveland Browns. The Tennessee Titans take on the Cleveland Browns during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Charles Sweeney Reply

Browns Bandwagon fans:

    Kube XXIII Reply

    poor fuckers can’t catch a break

    FBI Agent Reply

    It’s week 1 literally every team has a chance of making the Super Bowl right now

Cormel Reply

He’s got a lot to prove this year, he’s gonna show you he’s an undisputed T-3 Receiver before 2020 💯 look for it.

    Casey Callahan Reply

    Charles Weston Eli Manning is a possible hall of famer and he was essentially only passing to Odell all of those five seasons

    Charles Weston Reply

    c hunt Eli was a hall of famer before Odell got there. He was far past HOF form when Odell arrived. Not to mention the o line struggles they had. But more importantly, OBJ isn’t the most overrated wr in the league like you claim.

    Casey Callahan Reply

    Charles Weston I’m not saying he’s not talented. I’m saying people think he’s far better than he actually is

    Charles Weston Reply

    c hunt actually, you said “he doesn’t help his team, he’s overrated.”

Dynamite Reply

He entered titans no fly zone sorry to anyone that started him in fantasy

    freemoneysquad Reply

    He could have done better 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Austin Conrow Reply

    freemoneysquad yeah traded him for Calvin Ridley and fournette and Gordon and look what they did today

    D_Q_O _69 Reply

    He didn’t even do bad

Deandre Ray Reply

I laugh at the people that said we would lose and get destroyed by the browns titans a top 10 nfl team

    Michon Sabb Reply

    Deandre Ray don’t get ahead of yourself

Squirtuh Licious Reply

So many weapons on that offense and they only scored 13 points

BrOWns WiNnIng SuPeRBowl

    Dee.god5 Reply

    Squirtuh Licious You do realize the patriots started off 1-2 last season right? Unless the Browns are still losing week 5 then relax buddy it’s just the early season 😂

    Alexis Mendoza Reply

    Squirtuh Licious 🤡

    Iamreallytwiggy TV Reply

    Squirtuh Licious The line is weak

    Barkz Reply

    Squirtuh Licious Im sleep 1 goddamn game bro

1738 Vibes Reply

It’s funny that people judge a team based off 1 game, calm down y’all there’s 15 to go lmao

    SayNoobB4ULeave Reply

    0-16 still on the table.

    Holden Jackson Reply

    Not a good start tho

    D_Q_O _69 Reply

    You can’t just ignore the fact that the titans scored 46 on the browns

Andjustice forall Reply

The titans receiver a.brown had more yards gain in the game than Odell Beckham. 100 yds game vs 75 yds game.

    Daniel Jones is 2 Tough Reply


Kristopher Rice Reply

Lmaooo all these people already hopping off the bandwagon😂😂😂

    Taylor DeLoach Reply

    i just like browns non bandwagon

    ragnar lothbrok Reply

    Kristopher Rice it’s week 1 lol

    Just your friendly neighborhood Salt-Shaker Reply

    I never hopped on the bandwagon but I’ve always wanted the Browns to succeed, especially because idek how you can be that loyal of a fanbase, I admire it

vncnt 7 Reply

Show actually good performances please. AJ Brown, Hollywood Brown, Djax, Watkins, Ross .

D X Reply

0:08 wow! Both players were able to move in time to avoid helmet to helmet. They knew it could gonna end bad. Mutual respect for each other. Had to shake hands after

Veeti Vehkala Reply

OBJ is good, but Malcolm Butler did great job covering him! Great matchup between them. 🔥🏈

    Rowdy Jr. Reply

    Butler still overrated tho. He was only remembered from that last play in the super bowl and that was it.

    JC Jordan Reply

    Anthony Mcken Beckham did good? More power to both of em but Beckham had a good game

    Charles Weston Reply

    Butler couldn’t cover him. Watch it back. Browns O line was trash and Baker was off on his throws. Butler got lucky on that pick

    Deandre Ray Reply

    Charles Weston butler should have had two picks

    Charles Weston Reply

    Deandre Ray Yeah, both times ball practically dropped into his hands. Hopefully he gets more.

Jay Kelz Reply

Not gonna lie?
Beckham is kinda fresh in that official gear

    George Panagiotou Reply

    Not gonna lie.. that’s kinda fruity to say

    Omg Randyy Reply

    he had on a 350k watch too

    Jay Kelz Reply

    George Panagiotou No it’s not. Don’t be insecure.. The browns jersey looks well on him. I didn’t think it would, but he looks like he belongs in the brown and orange

    Jay Kelz Reply

    Omg Randyy He got that money money bro lol

-TRY HARD- Reply

0:51 he did not have to take that guys ankles like that

    Pumitri Reply

    He was helping him up lol

Frigid Phoenix Reply

Looked solid not just in game but in the Uni. That loss don’t help tho

Vanosdale Latty Reply

This dude literally has the most sauce I’ve ever seen as a WR

    JC Jordan Reply

    His potential is ridiculous

    iTz Rj Reply

    JC Jordan he’s 26 he’s reached his potential

Castle Corn Reply

OBJ could’ve had more yards he was getting wide open at times but that line

Swish Dipper Reply

Browns bandwagon fans are contemplating jumping off already😂😂

Clown Shoes MMA Reply

You mean they weren’t a penalty anywhere on those plays? GD refs calling illegal blindside blocks on screens. Browns did do a lot of dumb stuff but a good % of the flags were BS.

Devan Francisco Reply

I don’t remember the last time I seen any player play with a quarter mill on his wrist lmfao

AtcBamBam Reply

Looking at baker he has an issue of staring the wr down before the balls out his hand. Idk if he does this all the time but for Odell you could tell who he was going to most the time.

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