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The autumn wind is a Rrrraider….


Vikings 24
Raiders 13

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If the Raiders can play like they did for the first quarter last week, they can win.

    Siegfried von Vegesack

    There’s no stopping Eric Dickerson, Jr. Dalvin Cook – can he break the 2000 yard barrier? I think so.

    Fabuloso Travez

    @Siegfried von Vegesack I also they Jacob’s can break the 2000 yard barrier

    A Bro

    lol nither of those backs will break 2k Yal are dumb af…

    Stid Starz

    Now if only the raiders can find a way to make the game last only one quarter, then they just might win more than 2 games.


    No raiders are winning if they can shut up the chiefs for 3 quarters then they are going to beat the vikings

Shortest SB Champion QB

Raiders win on a Daniel Carlson FG. You heard it here first

    Sum Ego

    In your face Spielman.


    17-16 Raiders

    James Smith

    Vikings win 28-20

    Siegfried von Vegesack

    We heard it here first from a Sea chicken.

    Leaping Grabs

    No way


Raiders winning fs. We getting Richie Incognito now that his suspension is over and our O Line is going to destory the Defense. No chance at stopping us.

    YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety

    Carlos47 The Raiders won’t face a defense like Minnesota’s except maybe 1-2 times this year. Good luck trying to move the ball in the House of Pain.

    Sebastian Fleary

    None can hold my boy Danielle Hunter


    @Sebastian Fleary Yeah? Tell that to Von Miller 😂😂


    Carlos47 what’s Miller’s stats so far this season??

    francis abongo

    raider fans just like falcon fans in week 1 setting themselves up for disappointment

Seraphim 35

Raiders 24
Vikings 21


Vikings are amazing when Vegas favors them by 6 or more

    Shray Jain

    Except against the Bills last year


So u aint gone bring up jacobs avg 8.3 yds per carry vs chiefs

    YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety

    OTMilly It was against the CHIEFS. The f’n Chiefs are not strong on defense. You act like they are the 85 Bears.


    @YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety what can you say about Jacob’s running all over the Broncos defense then??

Ronnie Boy

We have the best run defense in the game cooks is getting shut down and Kirk cousins will get locked down by our sorry defense. Raiders win 24 to 17


    Ronnie Boy facts

    awesomejasonsel 1


Matthew Shortle

Raiders upset: 27-13


    Fr raiders offence is going to get going and there pass rush is going to shut down kirk cousins

King Toya

Raiders 27
Vikings 21

    BIG DA

    King Toya so let me get this straight the raiders who could only score 10 vs the chiefs at home is gonna score 27 vs one of the best defense in their stadium???

    Willis Dicfit

    @BIG DA Yes

Kong Yang

Raiders 24
Vikings 17




It’s a tie game 21-21 raiders at the Vikings 48 yard line with 23 seconds to go. Carr pass to Williams for 8 yards to the viking 40 yard line raiders use their final timeout with 15 seconds to go. Carr pass to grant for 6 yards to the viking 34. Carr spikes it. Daniel Carlson for the win and it’s good it’s good raiders come into Minnesota and beat the Vikings 24-21 what a day for the raiders

sirkka heinonen

Under 43.5 seems logit for this game. Crap it, if you are a pro bettor.

Firas Taher

Derek Carr please no more audibles on first and goal. Run the damn ball

    Andy ツ


Stan ezen

Good match up. Dynamic RBs, both good defenses. My take?:


    Naweed Productions

    both good defenses? LOL Vikings yes…but didn’t you hear the man say the Raiders gave up 8 plays of 20+ yards! Oh and Vikes winning you trippin

    Stan ezen

    Raiders win

Willis Dicfit

My prediction is 80-0 Raiders with the W.

    Firas Taher

    Willis Dicfit … whhhaaat???? More like 88-0… haha go raiders.

Dre Dee

Big raiders fan but this team just sucks we havent had steady winning in years

Larry Legend is a GOAT

Wow… there are alot of people choosing the raiders. Oh well. Minnesota will wreck them

Callaham Sepe

Right now I am watching that with ScreenVariety Tv.

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