Oakland Raiders vs. Indianapolis Colts Week 4 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Review That

Gruden has gotta coach his team like its 2019 not 1958

Darryl Worrell

Colts forged


If vineterri makes his kicks they’ll win.

Colts fan4 Life

go Colts 1-0

Kronic Impulse

Let’s Go Colts!!!

Para Dice

Colts 25-13


Colts 24-10. The raiders are a team who needs offense.

Mark Symbala

Tommy brayde hurt his wittle calf

Danny Reyes

Run young rookie Run RAIDERS 28 -21

Tyler Miller

Well….not my favorite thing to say for any rival but give me that Colts 31-14 win.

Joseph Cronan

Raiders 24 Colts 17

Rolando Mota

If they use Waller and Jacobs correctly, the Raiders will have a chance. But we are banged up on D.

Mark Lee

Raiders 6
Colts 27

Alvin Peterson

Raiders…..what the Hell is going on in Oakland ? Can’t live on the past . Raiders need to start winning. I’am tired of being laugh at.

    Rick Martinez

    stay strong brotha. its a struggle being a raider fan 🙂 the love and loyalty are there but the Wins are not

    ramon valenzuela

    Amen brother!


IND 27 – OAK 14

Gruden has to make changes to his offensive scheme or they will get no where. Garbage time TDs when you’re behind by 20 are not a good look.

bill hawk

41 -7 Colts Carr 3 picks 4 premature slides trying to throw a 2 yard out

Michael Jones

The Oakland Raiders will win

Andrew Cota

Damn everybody injuried on the Raiders thats not good

Meteor Smash

Raiders 17
Colts 30

Matt Cali

If we lose this game, forget about it because we’re on the Road Big Time!

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