O-Line Cracks Inside Jokes, Discusses Mullets, Wedding Proposals | Under Center with Kirk Cousins – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

O-Line Cracks Inside Jokes, Discusses Mullets, Wedding Proposals | Under Center with Kirk Cousins

On this edition of Under Center with Kirk Cousins, members of the Minnesota Vikings offensive line join as a special guests. Listen to the full show on all popular podcast platforms by searching for 'Kirk Cousins' or 'Minnesota Vikings Podcast Network.'

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Cartman Power Reply

Purple and gold.

Jacob Rassberry Reply

Ok how does Ben gedeon have 10 game balls

    wazsupkev Reply

    Special teams?? I’m at a loss

    99Overall Reply


    Butt Stinkman Reply

    They’re all Michigan balls prolly

    Vikings123456789 Reply

    Jacob Rassberry lmao

rich1277p Reply

Kirky has a mullet 😂😂

George Jefferson Reply

Dat O-Line chemistry

Baupylypuab Reply

Keep opening up those paths for Dalvin, guys!

dan krauz Reply

I love these convo’s. LOVE those linemen this year.

Ken Tinman Reply

Minnesota moving company.

b80 Reply

That was great! Good job fellas!

Matt Balderrama Reply

I feel confident in Kirk’s passing,fumbles are a concern but if Kirk can avoid that I think he’ll do a great job.

    Richard Harper Reply

    This has been the quote of blind Kirk fans since the day he was born into the NFL.

Mantiss Toboggan Reply

Elf is an absolute clown hahahaha. But fr, the 3 best linemen we have on the podcast.

david hill Reply

#poundbeef start the trend Vikings fans. You know what to do.

    Michael Mason Reply

    I got you #poundbeef

    I Like Waffles Reply

    david hill I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about pounding the beef🤣

Cole Trickle Reply

Pat Elflein is the Everson Griffen of the offense lol, what a character.

    I Like Waffles Reply

    Cole Trickle He’s awesome, great player too

Lorax Reply

Is Elflein half trolling doing the cliche responses in the beginning.

Rory Hawk Reply

Get rid of Rosen, it would be a great podcast..

Han Skolo Reply


Darren Smith Reply

Boys don’t eat ice cream before games. You’ll have lactose legs.

I Like Waffles Reply

Nobody’s gonna talk about 6:00-6:20 about pounding the beef?🤣

    J Sowders Reply

    This is a family show! 😉

J Sowders Reply

Garden Salsa Sunchips Rock! Actually any Sunchips Rock!
Also, this girl thinks Cap’n Kirk’s beard rocks too!

philipbryce Reply

Damn you Reiff would have loved you to see you on hear as well

Rene Ramos Reply

I know Kirk will be more aware especially in this game. It will be a test. Our OLine just need to continue what they are doing and even better and try to double team Mack. I’m very excited for this game. VIKINGS will prove it that they are the sleeping Giant and will wake and dominate in this game.

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