O.J. Howard: “The Future is Bright” | Bucs Beat – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

O.J. Howard: “The Future is Bright” | Bucs Beat

Team Reporter Casey Phillips brings you the latest news from the AdventHealth Training Center.

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Zach Boyett Reply


debo 007 Reply

When are you gonna get mike Evans on

    kyrie junior Reply

    They did I one time I think

    debo 007 Reply

    @kyrie junior not since they got Brady

    Live Love Life Reply

    Mike be on that hen

Scott M Reply

I think Tom is getting a big upgrade in Tampa. Musket fire going off for NE touchdowns and now cannon fire !!! Talk about more fire power 😉

    Matthew Williams Reply

    Scott M I like dat shiiiiiiiot😁

    Neil Patil Reply

    Better firepower. Rogues better than those old patriot dudes in white socks.

Estate of Meredith Reply

Make it or break it year for him. If he doesn’t have a big season he’s a bust. As physically imposing as he is, he plays soft and gives up when the play breaks down In rushing and passing game. A guy this big should have more pancakes. If he had 1/2 of George Kittle’s heart he’d be all pro.

I think the beast OJ Howard awakens and has a huge year this year. Most of Howard’s miscues have a very weird rhythm to the play. You have to get the ball to this guy in the right windows because he’s muscle-bound and doesn’t bend backwards that well or adjust to inaccurately thrown passes. He’s going to be absolutely lethal In the playaction game once we add some Young behemoths to the oline and able to keep defenses honest against our rushing attack.

    _ Balance Reply

    Love the essay!

    Shawn Brink Reply

    @_ Balance Yeah, reading is hard.

    Big White Duck Reply

    I dont think thats fair. Oj has been injured and wasnt targeted enough as a pass catching TE. Brady likes throwing to TE so if Oj doesnt work this season than hes not the guy.

Laurie White Reply

Excuse me OJ Howard, but he is NOT “one of” the greatest to ever play the game . He is the “greatest to ever play the game” dont insult him.

    TOM Reply

    Elthenar buddy have you seen Bill Belichicks record before Brady? Bill was about to get fired until brady stepped in and started winning games.

    Action Jackson Reply

    Elthenar oh wow… very impressive. how come that 2008 patriots team only went 11-5? how come they didn’t go 16-0? that was literally the same exact offense that brady had the previous season. brady threw for 50 touchdowns and 8 interceptions in his mvp season, while matt cassel threw for 24 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. the patriots offensive statistics dropped off widely when matt cassel was the starter in 2008. lol just because they have a good regular season with another quarterback doesn’t mean they’re going to head in to the playoffs and ball out like brady has always done. there were many times where belichick’s defense got scored on and brady had to go back in and lead the team to a comeback win time and time again. brady has been leading clutch drives time and time again since he took over the starting job, including regular season AND postseasons. the only time belichick and his defense really helped out brady was in super bowl 53. but brady still delivered a clutch drive to put the team up 10-3 and then sealed the game 13-3. we all know belichick is a great coach. but you giving him all the credit to brady’s success is irrelevant. that patriots dynasty happened BECAUSE OF TOM BRADY.

    J M Reply

    Elthenar you are comparing the heart of a Champion to a guy who stands with a Clip board on the sidelines? No numbers you throw vs Brady will change the fact that Brady made all the throws.

    Laurie White Reply

    @Elthenar first if all I stand by my original post !!!! There are plenty of great passers that have and are currently in the game. I loved watching Marino, but winner he was not. Montana great, but 4-0 in super bowls in no way trump 9 appearances, that’s just unheard of in football, there are some franchises that have never been at all. Brady has more playoff wins than 15 other teams combined. Tom Brady is the greatest football player to ever play the game.! I never said he was the most talented. You are confusing athletic ability with championship will and pedigree. Very few athletes have it, Jordan, Kobe, Serena, Phelps, Tiger, Simone Biles, Federer, Montana, Ali and the best of the best Brady. To credit all of Brady’s success because of belichick is a very insulting statement that can come from only 2 places, one being just totally ignorant of the game and two just a hater. Belichick so called greatness cost Brady at least 2 more super bowl wins, that pathetic defense he put together against Eli manning not once but twice, should automatically exclude him from the hall of fame. Every, I repeat every super bowl win came from Brady’s ability to come from behind or drive the team down field for a game winning field goal. However on the flip side every one they lost belichick allowed the giants and eagles to just run rough shod all over his defense. Remember this when Brady turned the game over to belichick defense they failed. So talk trash all you want about belichick making Brady, that perfect season super bowl loss will always be belichick achilles heal. Brady gave you the lead and you could not hold off Eli manning for 2 minutes. Give me a break about belichick. By the way Brady already beat mahomes twice on his way to his 6th super bowl, so get off of that “my home boy “( mahomes) bandwagon, or you know what stay on it with Shannon loser Sharpe, call me when he wins 5 more and beats Brady. Peace out my friend.

    Elthenar Reply

    @Action Jackson Obviously, Matt Casssel isn’t Tom Brady. But, put Drew Brees, Philip Rivers or Marino on that team and you get the same results.

gary wheeler Reply

What’s growing out of your head dude?

yaboi matthew Reply

Its April were them jerseys at

    Shawn Brink Reply

    The 7th

    yaboi matthew Reply

    Well dang I was exited

    Shawn Brink Reply

    @yaboi matthew6 days isnt a lifetime. They couldn’t release uniform on April Fools day.

Andrew Coons Reply

I’m sorry for being such pessimistic. But as a lifelong Bucs fan & us signing Brady! I know that at least 1 season of the NFL will be canceled because of the coronavirus. Brady’s arm will be as good as mine when he plays his 1st game as a Buc

Marty Brown Reply


Mysterious Man?? Reply


Neil Patil Reply

Hope the new unis are good. Those rams ones are a bust

Shaun Southard Reply

# Go Bucs

Jeffrey Moore Reply

I’m sorry to have to say this O.J. You’re a great athlete and I’m sure you’re a very good person. But you need to make big improvements to your game. One of your drops resulted in a pick that went on Jameis Winston’s record. You sometimes have alligator arms and seem to take a few plays off on occasion as well.

Lance Cowan Reply

Hey maybe Tom can throw it to O.J.!Six foot five and is fast and he NEVER gets the ball!Makes NO sense!

Iraq Lobster Reply

We got Gabbert back baby!!!!!

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