O.J. Howard on Foul Ball Catch at Rays ALDS Game vs. Astros | Bucs Locker Room Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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conrad jones Reply

Now run a route and get open to catch the football.

    Calvert Williamson Reply

    I am noticing what a weak player he is. Like Desean Jackson, O.J. Howard will not catch a ball if he is going to get hit. Look at the fumble that he has had. When he is about to be hit, he gives the defense the ball. We should trade him for a defensive back or offensive linemen.

Cal Friedman Reply

Lets get the Juice going in London👀

blacked mirror Reply

Wow, way to be a tampa bay legend!

andrew d Reply

can we start a “juiccceeeeeeee” chant when oj catches the ball ❗️❗️

brenda pryce Reply

Jenna shut up

brenda pryce Reply

She be so annoying

Chris Laracuente Reply

Man! I just had to have a quiz the next day for med school –___–. Wish I could meet the Bucs at a Rays game! That’s the ultimate dream! I mean… Rays and Bucs together, and then pictures at the end, plus ALDS G#4 SUPER victory, that game was the ultimate bomb! I’m for sure going to the Bucs’ game against the Saints on November so…. O.J. ! Let me take a picture with you man! XD

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