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Nigel Bradham Denies Rodgers with End Zone INT

No touchdown for Aaron Rodgers as Nigel Bradham intercepts the ball in the end zone to end the game. The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Green Bay Packers during Week 4 of the 2019 NFL season.

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thelegendsqb1 Reply

Seattle taught us not to throw a slant at the 1 yard line

    Jay Walker Reply

    @AlaskanCabinFilms nah bruh the O-line didn’t play great run blocking and the d-line got pushed around

    Cam Reply

    Works in Madden though.

    Jon Davis Reply

    Will people never fukin learn. Inside slant on the 1 lol gets me so mad

    A Fucking Bird Reply

    I try to forget about that play. I just can’t escape it. It will haunt me forever

Show Out Reply

Aaron Rodgers = Russell Wilson

Nigel Bradham = Malcom Butler

    thelegendsqb1 Reply

    Aaron Jones = Marshawn Lynch

    Valdes Scantling = Ricardo Lockette

    Matt LaFleur = Pete Carroll

    Cortez Reply

    @Lukas Allen No it wasn’t. Let em play football and quit bein a pansy

    Marky Boy Reply

    Cortez as an eagles fan it’s clear pass interference

    George Morgan Reply

    On pass interference, you could simply realize that he was making a play on the ball not the body , has a defender you are allowed to go thru the offensive player to make a play on the ball and thats why there is no pass interference, now if it was outside the chuck zone it would be a penalty but that close to the line with a rub route i dont see how a ref could call it pass interference

    Cortez Reply

    @Marky Boy He made a play on the ball. Wtf did you want him to do?

Loyal Philly fan Reply

Fly eagles fly. We pulled it off at the end with only 2 cornerbacks

    Andrew K Reply

    Fly eagles thanks

    Loyal Philly fan Reply

    Andrew K you’re welcome lol. Thought you would actually want us to lose since we ended you guys season 2 years in a row lol

    Cam Reply

    Living in Illinois I do root on the Bears to show some local team support but I honestly wanted the Packers to win this one. Dislike the Eagles more.

    Cortez Reply

    @Loyal Philly fan And the Eagles have made it up to me

Reverend Rasheem Stewart Reply

Man this looks like the end of Super Bowl 49 with the Seahawks game ending INT

Josue Tejada Reply

On the 1 yard line for 4 plays and don’t run the ball once.

Excellent playcalling

    TwoFingerGuns Reply

    That’s GB football

    Likes&Favorites Reply

    tell me about it….I totally thought of the seahawks.

    Day Be Trippin Reply

    Tf that gotta do with the playcalling? Rogers made the dumb decision throwing to a double covered receiver

    xnreyescj Reply

    GB run game was non existent

Loyal Philly fan Reply

Nigel this makes up for the pick 6 you dropped earlier lol

    why dalukaton Reply


    i ate ur tacos Reply


    JagerMoo Reply

    There was pass interference on this play lmao

Secrets of Comments Reply

Seattle And Pittsburgh: welcome to karma land,packers

    Ditch 79 Reply

    Mike Tomlin and Pete Caroll laughing rn

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

Aaron Rodgers: We got a defense

Carson Wentz: Lol

    Norman VanScoy Reply

    Y’all find anyway possible to discredit Wentz. He played good last week and played good this week and still has people saying he wasn’t good.

    Jay Walker Reply

    @Norman VanScoy You should know most people criticising him is cowboy fans

    Norman VanScoy Reply

    @Jay Walker Yes obviously but there’s even some Eagle fans that are doing it. Sad

    Jay Walker Reply

    @Norman VanScoy they ain’t fans that’s what that means…

    The Seahawks didn't run the ball Reply

    @Michae Chafin Lmao you clearly didn’t watch the game? Defense? The same D that let Aaron, Adams, Allison and MVS torch them for over 400 yards, 27 points and over 180 yards in penalties? That defense had a max number of 3 good plays. Lmao SPECIAL TEAMS???? WHERE??? Let’s not forget Wentz had 3 TDs, but yea defense won them the game. Lmao clown.

DubbieJordin Reply


    Cinci -B Reply

    Haha dubbie aint u suppose to be a ravens fan

    Mike Reply

    Shut up bit ch

    JagerMoo Reply


Isaac Fuentes Reply

Looked like PI to me, but hey so did a lot of other plays this game 🤷‍♂️
Edit: I’m talking both sides of the ball

    Isaac Fuentes Reply

    Saif Khan I’m not a packers fan my guy wtf

    Isaac Fuentes Reply

    Saif Khan I’m literally talking about multiple missed calls on both side of the ball but I guess that makes me a packers fan lmao 😂

    Mike Reply

    @JP BigHoss the throw was absolutely perfect. He got hit before he was able to make the catch

    Isaac Fuentes Reply

    philly_ sports I’m agreeing with you I’m just saying both sides got it rough with the officiating

    Jarret Berenson Reply

    JP BigHoss I’m an Eagles fan, but the interception was clearly pass interference. The league didn’t even review it for a reason. They did not want a game to be decided based on the new rule

OkShorty Reply

that play is insanely similar to the you shoulve run the ball play

Spicy Lemon Reply

As an Eagles fan, great game Green Bay and I hope Jamaal Williams & Avonte Maddox are okay.

    Tyler Keightley Reply

    Me to praying for both of them

    Joey Noss Reply


Webster Kollie Reply

Lafleur pulled a Pete Carroll 😂

    Saif Khan Reply

    Now we all know who’s playbook he copied lol.

I Can't State an opinion on the Internet Reply

That Packers defense seems pretty good,only 34 points allowed👀

    TheAwesomeSosa 123 Reply

    I Can’t State an opinion on the Internet both defenses didn’t play that well. Granted, eagles defense did get the int

    Drowsy Reply

    TheAwesomeSosa 123 eagles defense played great they held Rodgers scoreless for the last 20 minutes and created huge turnovers. Held them on the 1 yard line too

Tarantula Guy Reply

The Packers lost this game more than the Eagles won it. That fail 4th and 1 conversion in the red zone and that fumble was costly.

M H Reply

4 passes on the 1 yard line…

Ryan Yates Reply

Rodgers will probly fire his new head coach over this

Muddytho Reply

The Whole World: Who tf throws a slant on the 1 yard line?!?!?!

Packers, Seahawks: Hold my beer

    A Fucking Bird Reply

    Leave the hawks out of it!

Collin Cheema Reply

This league needs to learn what pass interference is my god

Brotato Chip Reply

Packers fans screaming run the ball but repeatedly say Aaron Rodgers can throw from any platform

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