Nick Williams on his two sack performance versus the Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Way to step it up ! 🐻⬇️

Zach Despinich

This kid is high key a stud

Cornelius Squalls

Great game by both Big Nick and little Nick! Way to step up! Also, if our has a rating of 100 or better, then I like our chances with this defense! Go Bears!

    Lotboy 1300

    U mean Black nick and white nick

    Cornelius Squalls

    @Lotboy 1300 I don’t see color! Lol!

    Lotboy 1300

    @Cornelius Squalls I was joking bro it’s what Khalil mack called them in his post game interview 😂😂

    Cornelius Squalls

    @Lotboy 1300 I know! No offense taken! I was joking too! Black Nick and White Nick played their asses off as well as the whole defense! My only complaint is that Nagy has to start letting the quarterback take some shots down the field just to keep defenses honest! Go Bears!

neetha achettu



When ur backups are better than half the nfl starters 👀🥶

D Greene

He showed he belongs on the field. The guy has never had a chance to show his stuff on other teams. Congrats to him for stepping up and proving other teams/coaches wrong. 🐻🔻!

Emperor Penguin

Nick Williams has been the best surprise


Big Nick filled in well, Bright future for our Defense!!! 🐻⬇

Andrew Contreras

This guy, Pierre Louis, who r these kids lollll. Glad to seee the depth stepping up and this team having a next man up mentality

    carter bell

    Lol nick is 29 and Pierre Louis is 27. Ain’t no kids!

    Kevin Moy


Jeff Meihs

oopmh that boy is versatile !

Marcus Jones

He’s been balling pretty damn hard the past two games

Lamuel J Sackson

Cant wait for a completely healthy rotation of him, Nichols, Robertson-Harris, Hicks and Goldman.. yo we are stacked on the d line and that’s not even counting our linebacker core 🐻⬇️


Him and Akiem are best buds! And Akiem speaks highly about this guy, so I wasnt worried when Hicks was out. As much as i dont want him out, Nick played well for him


Nick “double bicep flex” Williams

glen metcalfe

this is EXACTLY how you build a SUPERBOWL winning TEAM! ROTATING guys and keeping your TEAM fresh! Its too bad BEARS coaches dont realize this.START ROTATING EVERYONE

Vanilla Guerilla

This guys strong
Him and Robertson Harris have really been doing some good work in the off season.


This guy is tough. What a game for Williams! Class act! Bear Family!

Vincent Parker

He was a beast out there he should of been out there. Sh** let Akiam rest 👏👏


Khalil mack in the background lmaoooo

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