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Chief Daley

Dalvin Cook did not want to block him.

    Michael Coffey

    @Chief No he absolutely did not…. but 75% of all RB’s do not want to block and can not block anymore since they have made hitting all but illegal.

    the truth

    @Michael Coffey semi true but for QBs only really. Running backs can & still do chop DL & linebackers twice their size chopping @ their legs, Dalvin just thought he could & tried to upper body him, he came in full steam & it simply didnt work. 🤷‍♂️😂 Bad technique lol

    Zech Merquise

    He tried. Oh…he tried. Lmao!!

    Zech Merquise

    No RB or TE wants to block any of these guys. They just get tossed aside

Kyle Woodward

Nick did great tonight

Wayne's World

This kid can play! Love his intensity.

Riley Ober

Our back ups were playing like starters

    A F

    thats because our defensive backups can be starters on other teams.

    Leveling UP

    On bro

Mark Messina

Dude ran right through Cook like he wasn’t even there… lol

    Steven Tinoisamoa

    Hahaha. Fucken right

    Tom Grubbe

    I missed that. Is there video of that play on yt?

Aurelio Medina

This dude had a break out game, unbelievable

    Brandon Bias

    Aurelio Medina it will be him and smith when Danny looses a step or two

    Chief Daley

    @Brandon Bias Danny might have to lose 3 or 4 steps but yeah. They Drafted Roquan because he was the best player available and not to necessarily replace Kwit. We all new Roquan was going to take his spot but that dont mean he isnt starter material. He just needs to improve his coverage skills to be a reliable full time Nfl linebacker but he is very good in the rungame and I like how Pagano used him against the Vikings. He took him off the field on 3rd and longs and blitzed him when he was on the field in passing situations.

Aurelio Medina

He damn near steamrolled Dalvin

Entrenched Trader

Hell of a game by Nick

Mike Shirvis

Nobody wants to face this defense.

Aries Sensei

I’m glad we didn’t waive him…Great game Nick!!

    Terrance Roach

    Me too. He is a Beast. #44

    Zech Merquise

    He’s perhaps the best player on the bench for the defense. No way we should even think about losing him. You need depth if you want to make it far into the playoffs. Its a long season. Great to see so many backups able to bear down 🐻⬇️💯

    Aries Sensei

    I think him coming in late was an advantage the yikings didnt have enough time to scheme against him cuz anyone that watch the preseason knows coverage is his weaknesses lbs


Hey Packers this is what a true elite defense looks like.

    DaMike Show

    Thank you for saying that cause they not good they ok

    DaMike Show

    The pack

    Kenny Wayne


    Ean Guieb

    Electric yeaaaa boiiii talk to em bear down

    Aries Sensei

    They’ll find out when we play again 💪🐻⬇️💯


Dude was a stud tday especially filling in short notice

Michael Coffey

He played amazing, as usually tho he plays the run very well he struggles to keep up with any TE or RB out of the backfield which is why he never has started… this was by FAR best game i have seen this kid play for us so kudos to him and the staff to hide him in coverage.


    The best comment so far…

    Michael Coffey

    @Gmoney my thanks 🙂

    Lamuel J Sackson

    Hell yeah bro


    Never understood why the Bears were so persistent with putting him on the outside when he doesn’t have the best speed and isn’t that good in coverage. Finally having to play him inside allows him to just sit in the middle of the field with Danny T and get to get to the QB. Hell of a game from Big Nick!

    Nakeya Skinner

    Dude great analysis!

D Greene

Wow! He took advantage of his opportunity and proved he belongs on the field. Like Williams this guy will be looked at differently in the future and their stock skyrocketed by their performance today. 🐻🔻!

A ill

Bears need to play him a lot more , dudes aggression is unstoppable

Mirza Baig

A lot of people forget he was to be a starter last year but the Khalil Mack trade changed everything. Nick is a true pro. He always comes through when called upon.

Lamuel J Sackson

Kwit balled out today man when called upon 💪👍👍🐻⬇️

Jt Williams

This dude played a great overall game today! He’s been on the roster since the John Fox days, so my confidence was low when I saw him on the field. But damn! I was wrong

p 28

Crikey this guy had a tremendous game! Looked like Urlacher out there.

Robert Katayama

Love how humble he is, even after what everyone said about him the past 2 years. I’m so glad he still a bear, I always liked his physicality.

    Chief Daley

    I never heard anything bad against him besides the fact he is weak in coverage. The tape says that but he is very good vs. The run and is a good blitzer. I like how Pagano used him to his strengths and didnt leave him on an island trying to cover running backs and tight ends. On passing downs he was either off the field or blitzing since thats what he does well.

    Robert Katayama

    @Chief Daley I know a lot of “fans” that wanted to give up on the game cause he was put in. I liked the kid in 16 and 17. I always thought if he lost a little weight and got faster he would be good.

    Chief Daley

    @Robert Katayama lol some fans they are. I wasnt worried about him starting at all he started quite a few games and is not some unproven rookie.

    Robert Katayama

    @Chief Daley 100% 🐻⬇️

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