Nick Foles Leads Jaguars Scoring Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Dylan P.

Why Troy and Joe… Nice, I like that in preseason

Waylon Thomas

Jags are gonna be good this year no cap

    Supreme Eddy777

    @Ranger Willis you don’t watch much football do you.


    Waylon Thomas preseason.


    Don’t get so high on expectations you’ll only be let down

    Zach Savini

    @Ranger Willis they have one of the best young wide receiver corps in the entire league


    The receivers don’t have a definitive leader but they all have talent

Nick Foles Fan Club

This is beautiful to see, the Eagles – Jacksonville super bowl will be a game for the ages

    Dae Best13

    Cheifs vs Eagles

    The Fuzzy Pickle

    @luke wilson lol saints don’t belong in the super bowl the refs already showed that


    Name checks out. Profile pic doesn’t.

Goldy Bobi

Tom Brady’s Step Dad


    Goldy Bobi his real dad is Eli Manning


    MeMeBigBoi Nah his real dads were everyone on that Giants Defense.

spock 3p0

I don’t understand the hype around Dephillipo, he got fired for how he ran his offense and not listening to Zimmer.

    Mitchell W

    spock 3p0 I’ve heard that Zimmerman in Minnesota is really strict


If they get Fournette going, this will be a formidable team.

    Finger banging Your mom

    JayeCrook29 tell that to his ankle

Jay Johnson

What if foles have a better season than Wentz tho, Eagles would look crazy asf especially the man just gave y’all a championship too


    @Jerome Javee he trash though tbh


    gerard88t does it really matter? Either way Wentz was too injured to play.

    Joshua D

    @Asomugha24xPro you sound stupid

    AC the Poet

    @Asomugha24xPro Injuries can dictate one’s future but Wentz’s talent should never be questioned. There’s plenty of reasons as to why Wentz has the hype he does going into this season. Now, if you want to talk about “trash”, then we can start with who I’m assuming inspired your username… Nnamdi Asomugha. What a waste of money and resources that guy was, lol.

    Charlie Handsome

    Slow down buddy Foles did not play a full season

Trend Gaming

The jags finally got a qb

    Mike Vrabel

    Ya, he threw a pick to a journeyman CB next drive. Typical jags qb.


    jags goin to the championship this season, wake up buddy

    Rizzo Blizzo

    @god the NFL hates America the NFL is controlled by Vegas betting


The Jags: Score a TD in the preseason

Jags Fans: Super Bowl bound



    If you can’t stay healthy you’re not the better QB.


    @Raansu no doubt, as a jags lifer, Bortles definitely couldn’t make that throw that was a TD. It would’ve been wobbly and thrown away because he didn’t trust himself enough to make those throws – he genuinely didn’t. That play had a bortles throw out of bounds all over it.


    If you watched the game you’d realize why we’re getting excited. Our rookie 1st Rd DE pick was dominated the game. I mean total tauw over, he had like 6 QB hurries, blew up at least 2 runs that were tackles for a loss and wreaked havoc on the dolphins first team o line. Like we may have just added another all pro to our already all pro D line.

    The phins had I think 3 total yards when the first teams finally went out lol. It was awesome to see.


    @heywood1980 : Ya I’m not looking forward to this season as a dolphin fan lol.

    bout it bout it

    Nick foles in the playoffs is bad news foe everyone

Derek Savage

FOLES *clap*
FOLES *clap*
FOLES *clap*

Lucas Miyoshi

If fournette keeps his head straight and stays healthy, they got a legitimate chance!


Yeah but Miami looking like a high school team this year

    Jimmy McFly

    They’re just tanking for Tua.


I’m happy for jags fans. They finally have a QB that can throw the ball lol.

    Londun Curry

    Thanks man hope your team has a good season

    daniel Quiroga

    KC vs jags AFC championship or pats vs jags and that’s true

    Fab John

    I said it in the beginning of the season that it’s gonna be browns vs jaguars in the super bowl


    @Londun Curry : I’m a dolphins fan. I have no hope lol.

Uso Penitentiary

People are already calling for a Super Bowl or playoff run general? Let’s actually let the season start first before we starting feeding into the hype


Leave it up to the Eagles to get rid of a Super Bowl MVP 🤣😂🤣😂

    Semion Johnson

    Cause we have a star at QB that’s why so stfu and stop worrying about the eagles they will be just fine.

    Dark World

    You know nothing about football🤡🤡🤡🤡

    Jimmy McFly

    Hey. As a Jags fan I’m really happy we got Foles, but Wentz is better. I’m actually getting tired of that comparison already. If I was the Eagles I’d have made the same choice 10/10. Foles gives us a stability we haven’t had at QB in almost a decade. You wanna compare him to somebody? Compare him to Blake, Gabbs, or even Garrard. He could be the best QB we’ve ever had.

ReapingKnees YT

I got Westbrook on my last pick 😂 hope he balls out this year.

Tristan Wright

Foles is a game manager, which is far from a bad thing. With a run game and the jags defense that was so good they can be a playoff team easily.

    bout it bout it

    Foles is the playoffs is a bad mofo

Sports 311

Well, Nick Foles picking up where he left off with the eagles and lead the offense to the endzone

Alan Uribe

Nick will always be an Eagle, but glad he’s starting now and doing big things.

Jimmy McFly

If Foles can just get this offense up to even a modest 20 points a game, they’re going 8-8 easily.

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