Nick Chubb: The Seahawks Have A Lot Of Experience | Player Sound – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Rase -iwnl-

Browns got this we’ll never stop believing In the BROWNS!! ❤️ ❤️

    Bill *

    I wouldn’t throw out that brown paper bag just yet.

    Neng Thao

    Just wait, your Brownies are going to get punch in the mouth by another top team from the NFC WEST this week, LOL

    Rase -iwnl-

    Neng Thao your an online bully. go away

Jarius Johnson



So many football puns are used with this dudes last name lol

Tr Tr

Lets goo chubb 80 yard run for 1 td , and finish with 2 tds for seahawks

    Rase -iwnl-

    Tr Tr I predicted the same 2 touchdowns for nick Chubb! one for Odell? 💪🏻🙏🙏

    Tr Tr

    @Rase -iwnl- yes rase

    Tr Tr

    @Rase -iwnl- cheers to the next game 🍻🍻😉😊

Chet MacDonald

If Nick Chubb had a pack of gum, and the Seattle defenders wanted a piece, Nick Chubb would say no.

    Sean Perkins

    Then say “if you can catch me” and proceed to run it 90yds to the house

rich ernest

Do the heavy lifting!Great performances first part of season.

Edward Oorjitham

Gooo Chubbb!
Go Browns!!

Benjimayn Vai

we got so behind the scoreboard that we got away from the run game. that was tough. Chubb for MVP this year. Mahomes has to slow down surely lol

    Michael Fraser

    They were huge up the middle and thats where we were trying to run it so it wasn’t exactly working great

    David Vice Bangura

    Lmboo I dont see that flying as QB slowing down any time soon, I just hop my browns get this w

    Stomping Peak

    Mahomes might slow down alot. He looked to have a bad injury in the last game. If he gets hit on the leg it might be catastrophic for the chiefs like it was against the Colts

Derrick Talbert

I was so mad i didnt even play niners on madden to get payback

Segi Fualau

Y’all ain’t ready 4 SEAHAWKS

    Segi Fualau

    @Rase -iwnl- it don’t matter we still gonna get this W

    David Vice Bangura

    Duck u fruit cake, come back when ur beat us.. go browns.

    Segi Fualau

    @David Vice Bangura bruh we gonna fuc yall up

    Segi Fualau

    @David Vice Bangura n I’ll b bk to.

    Stomping Peak

    @Segi Fualau nobody cares.

Dane Hart

to win vs very good team we got to beat the hell out of there D line . the 2 TE , block set up put fear in the 49 ers D line . there was closes ups on each them .the face of fear on each man . @!$% a tank runs over you every play . you don’t play well . it is that easy .1st half you kill the body . 2nd half no legs 101 football and in boxing

William Hanby

Seattle should’ve taken Chubb over penny. Carson and Chubb would’ve been nasty

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