Nick Chubb Mic’d Up vs. Ravens: Extended Cut | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Guilherme Müller

Who chose to give the mic to the quietest guy in the team?

    Armond Scott

    You beat me to that question lol


    Lmfao he’s fucking muted

    Dewayne Cooper

    They gave it to the badest mutha fucka on the team


    No joke

    Richard Clark

    He’s a silent assassin!!!!!

Eric Ramsey

Nice he let his game do the talking 💪🏿

    abdul smith

    Exactly famo


    Damn straight. Mad respect for 24

    The Angry Squid

    Fr!!! Dont know why everyone complaining

Mark Malafarina

Sounds like a freight train….


    Cereal Killer

    Mark Malafarina aye he does sound like a train omg

    brown beast

    should call him “chu chu” haha even fits his name

Remington Steele

*runs 88 yards for a TD*
Baker and Co.: *cheers*
Nick Chubb: …

Mr. Information

Chubb is a quiet dude to start with. Adding a mic on him makes him even more quiet.

Michael Fischer

They mic’d up the silent killer…

Michael Tabor

I’ve never seen someone talk less miked up in my life
Most humble RB since Barry Sanders


Wow. Biggest game of this guy’s pro career and the only words he speaks are to compliment his teammates. What a human being!

colton low

8 minutes of Chubb grunting and others complimenting him. Exactly as expected.

    Brandon Salyer

    Yeah but it’s sweeter than the sweetest 80s hair band rock ballad.


my man said like 5 words other than “thank you” in a 7 min video lmao

Joshüa 115

“Anyone could have gotten that one” “it was wide open” the disrespect to the ravens defense 😂

    J Swanza

    I look at it as mad respect to his O-line. Bump their confidence

    Robert Nowak

    Definitely wasn’t meant to be. He’s just that humble. It’s weird to see a guy that authentically humble. You immediately default to it being disrespect.

    Joshüa 115

    J Swanza
    Same difference

    Joshüa 115

    Robert Nowak no I understand what he was getting at I was just making it a joke nick Chubb is the most humble player on that team

    Robert Nowak

    Joshüa 115 Yeah I got that from the emoji. I’m just adding how I can see someone actually thinking he was disrespecting them because they might not know how humble Chubb is.

Preston Melkerson

I love how quiet he is. He shows up and let’s his play speak for him.


Should have titled this “everyone else talking to Nick Chubb”

    Comp Lex

    Lol right. I like that though.

    Miguel Elliott

    Domterrell12 Chubb is like Kawhi. Silent but deadly. Humble and he gets the job done.

Jeffrey Nadeau

Alternative title: Nick Chubb grunts while other players on the team talk to him

Sam Young

Consider this:- Nick Chubb Owns the Longest and 3rd longest run for a Brown and he hasn’t even played a full 16 games yet! Also on his 88 yarder- he was clocked at almost 22 mph O.o… not bad for a “power back”

Moto six-seven

“Did we score?”



So great

Robert Nowak

He talked more about Hilliard than himself.

h a p p y d a z e

i love how most of nick chubb being micd up is other people talking to him lol

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