Nick Chubb Breaking Tackles on His Way to the End Zone – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Nick Chubb Breaking Tackles on His Way to the End Zone

Nick Chubb shows off his speed and strength as he breaks away for the 33-yard touchdown. The Cleveland Browns take on the Arizona Cardinals during Week 15 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Yo Yo

Chubb needs more recognition

    Robert Spaulding

    Yo Yo
    I’ve been saying like why isn’t he getting more love? Can’t be because he’s on the browns! Dudes a beast and I’m a ravens fan, seriously

    young Assassin

    Chubb needs more caries

    zero fivr

    More? The Browns are a losing team and franchise. He will never get the credit he deserves. Btw The Browns are the most hated city and team by reporters.
    Chubb is a helluva running back and probably will not want to stay when a free agent

    Malte Engelke

    Yo Yo best rusher in the League with a trash o line

    Edward Gaines

    No, Chubb needs a better team. If Chubb played for the Ravens, they’d start a dynasty that would eclipse the Pats and Steelers.

Erozionnn Productions


world traveler

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world traveler

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    Fabian Ramirez


    Edward Gaines

    Don’t @ me. Sub yourself.

Kreepalo XAY

Just a beast

Leo’s YouTube Channel

Who else loves football 🏈.

    Ice Cube

    That must be why you’re here

    Lika Toure

    ..<3 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈<3 Man... Love it so much...when I see I field I see my self running with the football. Lol

    Edward Gaines

    I love football,but I hate Freddie Kitchens.

Uncle Quan

Chubb is criminally underrated

    young Assassin

    Under used*

    Kyle Denson

    @young Assassin as a Cleveland native I approve that statement, plus OBJ as well. Kitchens, and Mayfield got to get it together.


    @young Assassin both

Ga ka

this man is the browns

Jonah Lynch-Pitrof

Wow finally something decent and for my fantasy team.

Vazza 2003

He about to become the next jim brown

James Kovach

Put some respecc on that

Escocivo 30

Chubb is the only reason the Browns have been doing mediocre. If they had a real coach and if Baker can improve they would make the Playoffs.

    Joshua Page

    @Coolmania I agree with you

    Mark Henry

    If Browns get rid of Kitchens Baker will improve, Kitchens player groupings and schematics make absolutely no sense, for some reason he likes to leave his QB alone in the backfield and then try to use a TE to block defensive ends. Almost everything kitchens does is a recipe for disaster

    Dewayne Cooper

    Jarvis been playing pretty good too this year

    Edward Gaines

    @Dewayne Cooper The problem is OBJ wants the spotlight too. But there’s only rooom for one superstar. Freddie is killing the team, trying to please both these LSU divas. One of them has to go.

iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

Lamar Jackson >>>> EVERY other White QB n his draft class… Can you imagine drafting Baker over Lamar 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Shaquille O'Seal

    Yikes. A black man being racist towards white people. How convenient. Btw Lamar Jackson is overrated. Washed up QB in 1 year.

    Mark Henry

    Wait .. did someone get on a Nick Chubb thread only to start some sort of weird racist QB rant?? Wow’ Somebody’s life is fueled by hate

    Dewayne Cooper

    @HyperKill Spree actually 3 less gms he aint throw a td in his 1st gm so he had 27tds in 13gms as a rookie

    Ceaz 19

    @iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers dear god a person trying to make sports into a racial issue. God I can’t believe how obsessed people are about it and I’m not even white. You people must have a massive inferiority complex.

    Ian Nadeau

    If Baker gets a better head coach he could be great, we saw flashes of that potential last year he’s just gotta get the right person to help him unlock it

Big Blue Squad

We should of taken Nelson at #2 & Chubb at #34

Trey Fisher

Let’s go BROWNS

Walter Gibson

Nick Chubb is a Beast keep Reppin for Northwest Ga

Roger Bradley

We need to learn how to tackle. Our defense sucks!

John Elliot

He went full Chubb


Love this guy!

Thomas Armour

Chubb is legit a beast and that’s coming from a Ravens fan. If they had a competent coach he would get 25 touches a game

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