Nick Chubb | Anatomy of a Player | Browns Countdown – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Nick Chubb | Anatomy of a Player | Browns Countdown

Browns running back Nick Chubb is featured in this week's Anatomy of a Player presented by LECOM.

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Clonaful Reply

Love Chubb and can’t wait for Hunt to join him. Go Browns!

Tailgater ! Reply

Chubb!! 20 rushes a game minimum

orangeTadpole Reply

Absolutely the most underrated player on this team

Jimbo Bimbo Reply

Now if he had a good offensive line to block for him, he would run for 2k per year. He is as good as any running back on a roster to date.

    Rob M Reply

    Agreed, wither via trade, free agency or something else we need a better O line. That’s our teams greatest weakness right now.

    XmenAvenger23 Reply

    @Rob M Right. Which in turn ruins the entire offense. Which also leads to the defense being worn down by being on the field too much. Only games we won had little to no pass rush. Idk how they fix this but if we dont get it fixed we’ll be bounced first rd. We’ll still win the division because we’re just better than everyone else in the division this year.

    Brandon Miller Reply

    Jimbo Bimbo oh definitely. He reminds me of a Arian Foster type threat. He could do so much more than what Cleveland is providing

    Jimbo Bimbo Reply

    @Rob M A trade this time of year would cost a kings ransom for a guy that might last 2 to 3 years, The draft is the best way to go, Forbes should be back in a few games and played LT in college. Say for instance if we would trade a 1st round pick for T Williams, a guy that did not practice or play this year and does not know the system, at 31 we might get 3 years of production out of him at best. Draft a 1st round guy and get 10 years out of them (Joe Thomas Type).

Aldo Moreno Reply

Chubb+obj+Landry +baker= super bowl

NICK BOSA; hold my protein

    Captain Ricco Reply

    That’s an interesting combo, however, baker has been replaced already. Russell wants the job now. And, if these browns wish to prove they are worthy of even being in the playoffs this year, they better beat the Pats by a big margin. …or by 1 point, we’ll take that too! Wooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

ChoppaCal Reply

That was dope now do Baker then Myles

    XmenAvenger23 Reply

    They’ve done those two already. You should be able to find them pretty easily.

Captain Ricco Reply

This is a great video, thanks for posting!!! Go Cleveland!! Woof Woof!! Cmon Chubby!!! Is Njoku healed yet? What if Russell is a disaster (I’ve got his card from the Seahawks ages ago). He’s not reliable, we’d better start training OBJ to throw more passes!!! Is this game on CBS, cause I have that all access bull!!! Damn!

Captain Ricco Reply

…iiiiiiiits thirrrrrrrd dowwwwwwwn!!! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

Ohio Biker Reply

Please run him at Ziggy tomorrow, Detroit dumped him because he sucks in the run game. Watch Ansah tape on the run and take this advice. Go Dawgs

hjsdfs Reply

Top 3 back in the nfl!

Captain Ricco Reply

Oh. wait. You mean Russell Wilson isn’t joining the Browns, but playing them??? Oh hell!!! We’re alright then. I don’t know what schedule I was looking at, but I thought this game was with the Patriots. Damn what a weird world!!

Captain Ricco Reply

I’m watching the Seahawks and the Bengals go at it. So far, in the second quarter now, nothing I’ve seen from either their offense or defense has impressed me very much. Wilson is a mediocre character, and they do have Clowney, but they really need more than 3 or 4 holding the fort, they did give Dalton a very rough time so far.

robert colon Reply

Browns dont know how to use him or obj. I’m a browns fan but they dont have the right coach in place right now. We have the best wideout in the game and he only has 1 TD smfh

robert colon Reply

Browns need to install Oklahoma offense for baker..

Lee boyd Reply

wth is this ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

90s Jaded Reply

Only reason chubb isnโ€™t considered the best is because of our o line.

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