Nick Bolton: “I’m just trying to learn as much as I can” | Press Conference 5/14 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Madden Wheels Reply

There’s my BOY!

Luca Playz Reply

Let’s see if your good we need a good team!

    Nicholas Shaw Reply

    Hopefully Bolton and Gay become the dynamic duo that our linebacker group has needed.

    Double D Reply

    @Nicholas Shaw Yeah then people can call it the Gay Bolton Curtain.

    shahid kalimur Reply

    @Double D bro 😂

    Nicholas Shaw Reply

    @Double D 🤣 LOL. That needs to be the saying for those two if they both turn out well.

    I missed the Joke Reply

    @Double D LMAOO

Ricardo Masvidal Reply

I really like this guy! About time we get a good linebacker to help on defense

    Dakota Brewer Reply

    Willie gay is a good linebacker

stinge68 Reply

This dude cancels running plays in the back field for fun!

    Ben Finley Reply

    For real haha I am liking this pick more and more

DeWayne Keating Reply

Love you man. Welcome to KC.

Noe Roque Reply

Pound sandal

Lora Edwards Reply

Seems like a great guy
.. go gettem nick! Go Chief’s!!!!

blueboy Reply

Watch at 0.75x playback speed if you want to know what he is saying

Sam Reply

That question about family members calling because he has money now was kinda uncalled for lol. Weird question

    Michael Rys Reply

    I Thought The Same Exact Thing

Metro Customer Reply

Welcome 2 Chiefs Kingdom Young Man

Richard Kline Reply

Sports journalists are an embarrassment. Most ask leading simplistic questions.

Bowhunters Reply

I like this guys attitude, all he can do right now is show that he’s willing to put in the work and to learn the NFL game and that he will do what the coaches ask of him.

Aria Ghorbani Reply

Like this guy he knows what he is doing

Jordan Garcia Reply

Loved watching him in Missouri I would love to see he him destroy run games

Devon Chambers Reply

Welcome to Chiefs Kingdom, let’s go Chiefs! #SackNation #Championshipswagger 💯✌🏽💪🏽

Kyle S Reply

Class act. Kept it short and sweet. He is here to work and compete. That’s what we need. Excited to see what nick can do

Jordan Fletcher Reply

Him and Willie are gonna be awesome to watch

    Ben Finley Reply

    For real I feel like they gonna b our version of Devin White and Levante David

vegitausa Reply

Honeybadger said he gone bring the Monster out in 54!!!

Ben Finley Reply

It’s crazy how the chiefs became the “bad guys” of the NFL so quickly lol I guess that’s what happens when you dominate (minus the last SB) for 3 years in a row

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