NFL’s 100 Greatest Characters, No. 31: John Randle | Minnesota Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Dmitriy Marushchak Reply

Yay first comment.

John Randle is a beast.

Dabs&OSRS Reply

#31 is an absolute snub John Randle was all gas no brakes.

    Christine Culpepper Reply

    theres so many good characters though. Cant deny he needs to be top 25.

the book worm Reply

I’d love to see Dilfer and Randle fight.

Zac Ballas Reply

Only 31? 🤷‍♂️

Mr. POPO Reply

Damn so many great players for this beautiful team but cant produce the ultimate goal.

Alex Riche Reply

To have John Randle and Ray Lewis in the 30’s in completely disrespect. Top 10 for sure

BillyJack85 Reply

If John Randle isnt top 3 you dont even have a list. What a joke. Somebody tell me 30 better personalities than John Randle? Matter fact, tell me 1. I’ll wait.

Eric Johnsen Reply

He was number 8 three years ago lol

Patrick Harty Reply

The Best 😆!!!!

Teddy B. Reply

Once I just tried to figure out what JR93 character would have been playing under current ridiculous unsportsmanlike conduct rules.. I surrendered just a while after.

johncarter44 Reply

Big Dog in the HOUSE! Skol Vikings! 🏈

RebelViking912 Reply

My favorite Viking of all time! 🙂

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