NFLN: Maxx Crosby shows promise in Week 4 | Baldy’s Breakdowns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Dane Bowen

Madd Maxx has the potential to be special! Keep grinding big dog.

    Joshua scott

    Yea but I want him to get a sack

Mike Jones

His immediate reaction to the screen was impressive but the hustle downfield was even better. I loved his game film at E Michigan. He reminded me of Bosa the way he used his hands to knock down the Tackle’s hands before they could get on him. Not saying he’s the next Bosa. Just saying that who he reminded me of.

    el Kyrojay

    he’s going to be better than bosa

    Mike Jones

    @el Kyrojay Let’s not get crazy dude. I just hope he stays healthy unlike Bosa & on the field.

Damos Doom

Dude is playing better then our 4th overall pick, whats his name again? I dont ever hear nothin about him except when hes off sides. Hopefully Farrell shows up soon. Dude needs to show why we pocked him up at number 4 overall

    Patrick C

    He has a sack and Crosby doesnโ€™t. But I do agree with you. Crosby has had more of an impact than ferril and adren key combined

    Damos Doom

    @Patrick C ya but it was a coverage sack. Flaco held it forever and didnt have anyone open.


Mad Maxx future pro bowl

Monsta Mosheh



Letโ€™s hope he keeps improving & this wasnโ€™t just a fluke


Meanwhile our 4th overall pick is offsides somewhere…mans gotta show he was worth the pick…

Prince-Kayson Kealamauloa

MAD MAX from the movie “Shottaz”


#20 got his bell rung hard at 2:03… good game by crosby, rest of the d line needs to step up



X Goblin X

MadMaxx, the next Khalil Mack ๐Ÿดโ€โ˜ ๏ธ


    Nah. More like Ted Hendricks.

T Co

Crosby is a straight HUNTER

Jeff Doran

Watching Max Crosby play reminds me a lot of Ted Hendricks similar play style.

Clifton Tibbits

Awesome,good stuff,true reporting, no bs,straight to the point, in your face material,way to go…I’m A fan of this true TELLING of what really is going on…Thank you…


Crosby played like Jay Watt last Sunday. Keep it up Max!!

Captain Smoke

I was so hype when we stole mad max!!!



Ronald Krikorian

Look who they played! BEARS 24. Raiders 7

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