NFL: What’s more likely to happen in Week 7 | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

NFL: What’s more likely to happen in Week 7 | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Chris Simms and Mike Florio play 'What's more likely?' for Week 7, including Kyle Shanahan's revenge game, how Patrick Mahomes will fare against the Broncos defense and more. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #DenverBroncos #PatrickMahomes #KyleShanahan
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Mike Florio, creator of the industry-leading, offers his NFL insight alongside regular guests, including former NFL athletes such as Chris Simms. Pro Football Talk informs and entertains with the most up-to-date news and analysis surrounding the topical NFL stories of the day.

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NFL: What's more likely to happen in Week 7 | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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John Brewer Reply

What more likely to happen is Washington getting beaten unconscious. Sorry skins!

49ers #1 Reply

Go niners!!!!

G. Moore Reply

Sandwich spot for 9ers? Skinz plus points maybe.

Jose Perales Reply

Raiders are coming into this mostly healthy and well rested. I also feel this packers game will be scrutinized over what happened last games with the refs so I’m not too concerned about beating the zebras too. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a score of 31-21 raiders or something along those lines. This raiders team is very underrated and is playing with a lot of heart and passion. Raiders beat a pretty healthy bears team (minus Trubisky but he’s not much better than Chase) with 13 starting rookies, #1 WR out and our Starting RG Gabe Jackson out and 2 of our 3 first round picks out and they still man handled the bears. Raiders upset!

    Marco Barragan Reply

    🤧 that was beautiful couldn’t put it better myself

SoCal Native Reply

What’s more likely?
The refs botch/screw up 2-3 games or the refs botch/screw up every game?

    AirmanRob Reply

    Every game…

    Arion Starks Reply

    I’m taking the latter

Luke Connors Reply

The ravens defense is horrible they lost to the Browns and almost lost to the Steelers who’s down to their third string qb


    If we beat the Seahawks then the Pats..What’s your excuse??

    Manvir Sandhu Reply

    @GO DYNASTY RAVENS!!! yall barely beat the bengals too LMFAO. so overrated


    @Manvir Sandhu Barely?? Check the time of possession.

    Luke Connors Reply

    I hope you guys beat the patriots


    @Luke Connors We’re on it 🕶🎩📿

TheLizardKing1967 Reply

NFL, also known as the National “Fixed” League. Gematria. Learn it, Love it!! BINGO!!

scottymocap Reply

Don’t mess with Big Phil!

Russo SF49 Reply

49ers are -10 @Washington.. my prediction is SF 38-0

    AirmanRob Reply

    My fantasy defense hopes so

Dwayne Carter Reply

Chris Simms=Ryan Leaf couldn’t live up to his dad

    Jimmie Lee Patterson Reply

    Which is saying a lot about Chris cuz his father was decent, not great


As usual CS not favored the Ravens..

Blank Frost Reply

Chris: The chiefs are more likely to win without a mahomes touchdown

Chiefs Defense: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Lambo 1221 Reply

Man Simms should of stuck to being a bad back up qb. He is not good at commentating

Ray jr Reply

Let’s go Niners and get this win..

Alex Fu Reply

This is the type of game when Jimmy G should use it as an opportunity to get the passing game going while Kyle opens up the playbook a bit more with supposedly a weaker opponent. 40 should be well within reach. The 9ers must stay focused and not play down to their opponent.

TCY ! Reply

SF will not lose to the Skins lol they are a joke

Rodney Harris Jr Reply

49ers 49 redskins 0

muttdawg509 Reply

God I hope the niners game isn’t the Vegas trap game of the week.

Tragick Hip-Hop Reply

I do think my Niners can score 40+ points against Washington, but as long as we win it’s all good.
Lets go Niners baby!

SC Garrett Reply

I need the Niners to get 52 points at least got a bet going and someone would have to get me madden if they do

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