NFL Week 5 Mic’d Up, “That was a pick six you batted down!” | Game Day All Access – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Tariq Ginkinger

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    👨‍🍳 Will bounce back

    Juan Cortez Muro

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    Justin Lee

    Or when the skip button time is exactly as long as the ad…😠😠😠😠

Trying to get 10,000 Subs with no vids

Who else loves the NFL?????

    Marco M

    @Aicha Bensalem it is softball


    Juan Cortez Muro

    I’m Not Giving Up On My Dream To Hit 1k Subs Please Help🙏❤️

    Trevor Ward

    If you dont like football, they shouldnt be on this video or be commenting on it.


    I’m actually pretty sick of watching them rule themselves out of existence.

    Ol’ Goodell is a joke.

Fingering Things

We gotta mic up Mayfield’s beef with the 49ers

    aaron berhane

    Golden Corral ?

    Jason Mclongson

    @Reserved the original commenter comments on nfl videos…a lot


    Jason Mclongson

    @陳心晨 STFU

DoubleJ 2K

The moment you noticed Landry never got that jersey…

    Nickolas Davis

    Was literally omw To comment this

    George Richards

    Lillian Ball

    @George Richards dude wth


    @Lillian Ball what is it lol I dont want to click on it


The richard Sherman micd up was the best

Sports 311

The only thing we didn’t see in this is Richard Sherman giving Baker Mayfield a Handshake 🤝

    Trevor Ward

    He gave him a lil pne before the coin toss but i dont think he did after, when you normally do it so he kinda lied but maybe not


The Texans coach is probably one of the funniest coaches I have ever seen lol

    aaron berhane

    Matt Ikr lmaoo


    Matt bill o brien

    Black Chackoo

    Matt as a Texans fan I can’t stand BOB. Dude pisses me off

Finger banging Your mom

“I wish somebody would just shake my hand 🥺”

-Richard “Juicy” Sherman

    Wes Takahashi

    The french actor?


    @buckeye998 !! He covered pretty much everything in an interview with Pat here

    John Herrera

    @buckeye998 !! it was a half lie baker shook his hand but didn’t after the coin toss which most players do but even has a niner fan I understand why he didn’t they just won the coin toss he had to get ready to play didn’t have his helmet so baker ran back to get it I guess sherman just took offense to it though

    Trevor Ward

    @John Herrera could of been after the game also, they just got spanked and as a young player he is mad and doesnt wanna talk to anybody. He didnt say before the game or after. He left it kinda vague

Ethan Christner

i like how richerd sherman still didnt trade jerseys with jarvis

    Trevor Ward

    Probaly did it after he hit the locker room and gave it to the equipment manager or swerved him again idk lol

    Nasir Gaming

    Wait so why do they swap

    Beau T

    Nasir Gaming, they collect different jerseys from players they respect. Each player only gets a limited amount of jerseys per season so if they trade with someone it’s like a sign of mutual respect and a trophy from playing against one of your favorite players

Carter Phillips

Bro Shaq Thompson is a really physical guy I didn’t realize till now😂

    You deserve To be bullied

    Carter Phillips he plays linebacker in the nfl, did you think he was delicate?

    Game Changer

    I know right smacking my jags in the mouth hard.

    Juan Cortez Muro

    I’m Not Giving Up On My Dream To Hit 1k Subs Please Help🙏❤️

Golden Corral

“But we have a resilient group”

“I think” 💀

killfun 49

“My bad Kyle”. Richard Sherman 2019


    killfun 49 i thought he said that too. anyone else find it odd he called him kyle instead of coach

YouTube Police

Richard Shermans that one kid whos friends with everyone in school

aaron berhane

Aaron Rodgers – Never lost here 😂😂

    Erik DeJonge

    Who was he talking to?

Derron Everest

Bosa: Hey you ever watched Ice Age?
Sherman: Yeah why?
Bosa: You’re that little squirrel with the nut.
Sherman finds a new best friend. “I love you”

    British Boxer

    yeah, lame ducks tell jokes like that, i would be lame too if i did no get paid

    Trevor Ward

    @British Boxer who you talking about lol

    British Boxer

    @Trevor Ward you cant see the LAME DUCKS around Sherman? fool!

    Kou Vang

    As a seahawks fan, there’s only 1 squirrel. EARL the Squirrel. Dam I miss the LOB


    i wonder if sherman got the joke tho. because literally all that squirrel does is DROP the nut.

Derrick Anderson

Sherman is a real one the exact type of person you want on your team

Master Of None

I love having sherman on our team, he’s just another added factor to our defense 🔥🔥⛏⛏⛏

Yooper eh?

Shaq to fournette “stop holding” fournette to Shaq “ hows a ball carrier holding bruh”

    James Burris

    Shaq said both things. He was trolling Fournette.

EaST CoAsT MaCHete

Who doesn’t remember Ice age damn squirrel never quit 😂😂


“It ain’t always gonna be perfect. Football is an imperfect game!”

That level of understanding is the reason why Sherm will continue to succeed🙏

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