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NFL Reply

0:57 – Ravens vs. Chiefs

6:09 – Bengals vs. Bills

11:34 – Jets vs. Patriots

20:32 – Broncos vs. Packers

25:45 – Cowboys vs. Dolphins

29:13 – Steelers vs. 49ers

34:18 – Lions vs. Eagles

41:27 – Giants vs. Buccaneers

49:33 – Saints vs. Seahawks

55:54 – Falcons vs. Colts

1:01:13 – Raiders vs. Vikings

1:05:36 – Panthers vs. Cardinals

1:09:27 – Texans vs. Chargers

1:12:12 – 2 Minute Drill

1:15:04 – Rams vs. Browns

    MafiaboysWorld Reply

    How about showing some Gameday Prime on YouTube there NFL? 🤔 As a foreign NFL viewer I wanna know who balled and got the call!! 🤨👍

    Chris Dominguez Reply

    Darrion Hale Reply

    Thank you

    Soup Reply


Taprman Reply

They never mention the lions injuries and mess ups in our games. The chargers games our missed kicks were arguably more important than theirs were. If we had made all our kicks we would’ve been tied going into the 4th instead of behind and that changes the entire matchup. Also this eagles game, yes they were more injured but we had a few important injuries as well and they glanced right over them.

    Taprman Reply

    Pandabear 9110 nope just the lions

    Pandabear 9110 Reply

    Oh my bad, I apologize I should have read the comment again. I miss read it

Warrior Loft Reply

Brown is gone. Stop asking questions about Brown!!!

    Zachary Morris Reply

    Antonio Clown

    mrcr45 Reply

    U kno that have to keepi beating a Dead Horse!!!!

    Colin Stapleton Reply

    @Zachary Morris he’s the whole circus

Sawyer Forslund Reply

Anyone else notice the terrible editing?

    Chris Landry Reply

    Sawyer Forslund Lack of budget.

    JAMES C Reply

    I turned it off after the dbag threw a fit about the Patriots coach. Its like they have never seen or heard a press conference from him before.

    If you are going to whine this much, they need tissue boxes at the table.

devildog65301 Reply

What happened at the very end of Ravens v Chiefs? It kinda just cuts out.

    J.Agosto Reply

    devildog65301 it was literally the first highlight shown. The reception by Darrel Williams for a first down ended the game. With less than 2 minutes.

OKG2000 Reply

since the nfl refuses to have highlight and analysis shows after the games i guess this will have to do, better then that deion prime time thing

    Hillary LeFrere Jr. Reply

    Naw Deion calls if u ball out. Its the best

Bridgeport B Reply

28:42 49ers Gang 🤟🏾

    Is This Rain? Reply

    Thanks man. Really rarely see any 49ers comments down in the comments section.

Adrian Reply

22:11 …haha wtf?
I’m a german dude and why they’re playing bad german hip-hop music?!

    Alchemica Blackwood Reply

    You can have all of our hip hop music and performers. And we’ll pay for their tickets to Germany!

    It's yah boyKe Reply

    Adrian 😂

    Marcus Brown Reply

    evenmohrgames Reply

    Which one is it? Azad? 😀

    evenmohrgames Reply

    I tried to find this song for 30 minutes now, no chance 😀

Krock Tv Reply

Bucs kicker tho trash lol 😂😂

Morris Mckenzie Reply

This cancel culture is crazy like Dave said lol I bet if I went back 30 years on everyone in the nfl I could find a bad text they sent a chick

Hunter Harbaugh Reply

Who else thinks Todd Monken should call the plays for some weeks

Tyler Smith Reply

Titans Fan:

Belichick Handles these press conferences like an absolute child!

….Minding your own business and saying what you want doesn’t make you a child, it just doesn’t start drama. I respect decision making.

Colin Davis Reply

Check the editing starting at 5:24. Just massive skip forward.

Alex Frazier Reply

Is Sterling Shepardis wide receiver 2 in fantasy?

Kumiko- chan Reply

I have a question. When everyone had the Eagles beating the Lions were they not already injured? How can you choose a team to win knowing they have all those players missing and then use that as the excuse they lose? The NFL community keeps doubting us and I bet some people still have the Eagles top 10 smh

    Kumiko- chan Reply

    By the looks of it the Cowboys are winning their division and I’m not saying the Lions are great but downplaying a win like they didnt do anything is pretty trash

    chris madsen Reply

    I picked the lions

    Wagner Rezende Reply

    Nobody cares about the lions… last year you beat the Patriots… so what?????

Cold Beer Reply

Pretty Biased. ☹️

SkillzwhoKillz Reply

Bruce Arians starting to turn into a Santa Claus looking guy

Paul Nye Reply

After the last 2 weeks I’m no longer a Patriots fan.

    Jan Wiggers Reply

    Paul Nye that’s all it took?

indubitably01 Reply

This is live streamed now?!?! I loved when it was on NFL Now, this is great.

Spider-Man Reply

let’s go patriots

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