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5:00 – Ravens vs. Chiefs

11:48 – Broncos vs. Packers

16:40 – Bengals vs. Bills

21:51 – Saints vs. Seahawks

25:40 – Falcons vs. Colts

29:26 – Steelers vs. 49ers

36:08 – Giants vs.Buccaneers

40:38 – Panthers vs. Cardinals

45:48 – Texans vs. Chargers

49:27 – Dolphins vs. Cowboys

51:55 – Raiders vs. Vikings

55:43 – Jets vs. Patriots

1:01:56 – Lions vs. Eagles

1:05:08 – Rams vs. Browns

1:12:41 – Bears vs. Redskins

    757 Virginia Two Up & Two Down Reply

    @Braden Hudson we gonna whip them today

    Shawn David Reply


    Once You Go Asian You Never Miss The Equation -_- Reply

    These timestamps aren’t even right. It says the Bears and Redskins happen when the video ends.

    John Boschek Reply

    not even right lmao

    UngarToTheMax Reply

    Once You Go Asian You Never Miss The Equation -_- I don’t the time stamps even line up correctly

EternalCreator Reply

Steelers a lock? Lmao

Cosmo Spacemonkey Reply

“4.2 million viewers” lol.

Armando Larsen Reply

Assistir Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars En Vivo

Frosted Ice Pharoah Reply

49ers and Rams are locks.
Ravens will pull the upset!!

    Gawd TheBlessedOne Reply


    Sang Nguyen Reply

    I hope so Let’s Go Ravens.

    Brass Boy Reply

    I’m not a chiefs fan or ravens fan but I’m not to sure about that one will see.

222333aaaaaa Reply

Ricky the Gawd. Great work!

Baconator Reply

Any of y’all know if Demarcus Robinson is starting this week?

    Danie Hernandez Reply

    Baconator goggle it

Chop Chop Reply

I mean no one knew that Lamar Jackson was going to beast like that! That is why the game is at noon! Lol they could flex the schedule but it’s the NFL! The No Fun League!

The Ringo Reply

There goes that titans lock.

Thow Back Reply

Football is war of life it for Gods MAN is u could Express your self from life don’t stop me be ready I’m still get u

Thow Back Reply

It was for the best

Thow Back Reply

How u Express how life treating u the only sport n basketball

Thow Back Reply

It mack me feel so good to explode on some body

Thow Back Reply

The white man needs his own league

Andreas Stensig Jensen Reply

I’m loving the new format with separate preview and TNF recap pods. Hope it continues.

Rui Serra Reply

Big fan of the pod! Keep up your great work guys! Greetings from Portugal 🇵🇹!

Jonny Turbo Reply

I’m so hyped these podcast episodes are on YT!

Gamer Hudson Reply

The Jets will lose to the dolphins

Mifoi123 Reply

best pod cast and it’s not even close! Love you guys! <3 🙂

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