NFL Throwback: Buccaneers’ Top 5 Plays vs. Rams – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

NFL Throwback: Buccaneers’ Top 5 Plays vs. Rams

View the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' five greatest plays in their history with the Rams.

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Carter Reese Reply

First to like and comment go bucks

    _ Reply

    @Khechaun Ward lol let’s go bucks lol.

    Khechaun Ward Reply

    @_ bruh lol

    _ Reply

    @Khechaun Ward I know it’s Bucs
    I was being funny

    Free Willie Reply

    This ain’t Milwaukee

    Khechaun Ward Reply

    @_ ik u good

sergio cervantes Reply

sign gostkowski please i swaer he wont miss a kick

    Chan-NL Reply

    So succop doesn’t exist??

    Luke Brown Reply

    @Chan-NL fr he is on fire this season

    Carter Reese Reply

    He lost to the Pittsburg Steelers because he couldn’t kick a 46 yard field goal and It was to tie to go to overtime so I don’t think it’s a good idea to get him even though he was really good when he was on the patriots.

sergio cervantes Reply

and go bucks

ryan damon Reply

Let go ❤❤

Steve Bryant Reply

We could be sittin’ in the #1 seed after this weekend.

    WWalker Reply

    That’s cap I’m a Bucs fan saints won 2 games on us even if the saints loose there still ahead

    MIjal1524 Reply

    @WWalker We will be 8-3 they will be 7-3, we will be the #1 seed but to keep it they will have to lose one more game and we have to win the rest

    Big White Duck Reply

    @MIjal1524 i kind of want bucs to play an extra playoff game cause they need the chemistry

    MIjal1524 Reply

    @Big White Duck But playing all those away games would be rough, Im hoping that between the last half of the schedule including still getting a bye week we can get it clicking more consistently

Jason Guerra Reply


Mr. Smith Reply

All Rams’ Fans are saying this is their most important game of the year.

Kai Penalosa Reply

Gene is a legend

Shawn Falahpour Reply


Jake Romano Reply

That’s why we going to win this week

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