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MRTUPAC 28 Reply

Browns vs Lions which shouldn’t be a choice at all 😂😂😂.

    Taprman Reply

    MRTUPAC 28 that’d be amazing

    H Sa Reply

    MRTUPAC 28 oh hell nah the lions 😂😂

Kevin Pawl Reply

I got kermet the frog for mvp

World of Walsh Reply

Really fell for it and thought Nate was going to pick Detroit lmao

    Grant Vasquez Reply

    World of Walsh sameeee

    PdoubleEWdoubleE Reply

    True, only bc I don’t even recall him playing for Seattle

    Keven Ramos Reply

    World of Walsh never lol

pink fluffy unicorns dancing Reply

For the. 1% of you seeing this

Have a great day

3rd Reich Reply

In another universe he would have said Russel Wilson would go to his 3rd super bowl and win his 3rd

    A Fucking Bird Reply

    @Emperor Palpatine Please and thank you!😡

    Sean Sheldon Reply

    @Donald Trump Jr. X lol I just wanted it to sting not be accurate. I too know pain such as that, I watched the Stanley Cup Game 7 (Bruins fan)

    Donald Trump Jr. X Reply

    @Sean Sheldon I don’t like the Blues, but as a Lightning fan, and my step dad being a Bruins fan, it made me happy

    SPIDEEY Reply

    In the Spider-Verse???

    Hugh Hefner Reply

    @Don Gordito then you live with that. You go with what got you there. Beast mode was their best player on offense at the time.

Cory Campbell Reply

That the greatest one the Seattle Seahawks beat Odell Beckham Jr and the Cleveland Browns I like it

    Nimrit kang Reply

    Kamryn Schofield 2134 Chris Carson over hunt

    Rowena Teodoro Reply

    Kamryn Schofield 2134 what happened to defence wins championships. Look at seattle front 7

    Nimrit kang Reply

    Kamryn Schofield 2134 Seahawks have better coaching qb and defence

    Privacy First Reply

    Rowena Teodoro I love this Seahawks team so I don’t necessarily disagree, but have you seen the Browns defensive line? It’s just as good if not better. Myles Garrett, Olivier Vernon, Sheldon Richardson, and Larry Ogunjobi. Literally every dude demands a double team. We’ll see how they actually play together but on paper it’s super close.

    chris madsen Reply

    Browns won’t make playoffs

Richard Rivero Reply

America worst nightmare NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS vs Saints

    Turhan Henderson Reply

    @this is my name Oh I thought… NVM lol I understand now. Most hated cuz of literally being hated lol. I would say Steelers and boys or Pat’s and them as you said then. Most hated in a world where they’re in separate divisions, would probably be Pat’s/Pitts. In my opinion.

    Lee85 Reply

    I think the Saints would beat them. Coming from a Falcons fan. They should have went and won last year. 🤷🏿‍♂️


    Richard Rivero I LOVE YOU THIS Super Bowl Game! PATRIOTS 38 SAINTS 27

    Scarface5.7 OO7 Reply


    Addictive Armadillo Reply

    @Lee85 …lol


This is why no one respects this show🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    Charlie G Reply

    @Super Bowl LIII Champs They didn’t win the Super Bowl. Quit drinking the Kool-aid.

    Deshaun Ellis Reply

    Charlie G I bet you’re the same guy who said it was over 3 years ago 🤡🤡🤡

Connor Reply

That’s literally the most CRINGE nfl video I’ve watched

    Owen Reply

    Connor agreed, how has this show not been canceled

bobsjess Reply

This is like watching special needs kids pick football teams.

    WXD2.0 Reply

    Kronyx hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha

    Owen Reply

    bobsjess that’s what I was thinking, the problem with this show is there predictions aren’t realistic, they are trying to be bold which I don’t like, I’m gonna keep it real, I think the Super Bowl is gonna be the Eagles Vs Pats, with the Eagles going over again

    adam kelly Reply

    Owen Seahawks have the same chance as the eagles bud, not like the eagles are the goats

    Owen Reply

    adam kelly no they don’t

    Patrick Vezinat Reply

    bobsjess How are you disrespect them….. the special needs kids

Charles Han Reply

Can’t wait to go back to this and laugh at these

    SPIDEEY Reply

    Already laughing at Bears in the Super Bowl… Not with Trubisky you don’t. Hate to see a homeboy do poorly. C’mon Mitch!!! Get it together!!!

Awesome Zone Reply


Carter Miller Reply

That’s 7 minutes I’ll never get back

Mr. hankee Reply

Patriots vs Seahawks
super bowl rematch

wolley2012 Reply

Clearly NFL employees are not allowed to even mention the Patriots anymore.

Alexander G Reply

How do they really pick the bears and the chargers to be playoff teams before the Patriots 😂😂😂😂🤣Outlandish

    Dylan RF04 Reply

    Alexander G cuz nobody likes the patriots

    Chitown4L Reply

    Because all 3 are playoff teams and whether or not the Bears would be picked in inconsequential because they’re in the NFC and the Pats are in the AFC

    Keven Ramos Reply

    But as a chargers fan, I totally understand that lol

    salamipitza Reply

    fun fact:
    all teams picked, combined have
    a sb record of 5-8
    pats are 6-5 (6-3 under tb/bb)

Is This Rain? Reply

2019 Browns are the new 2018 49ers. Over-hyped asf

    Dr. Bobcat Reply

    I hope not, but probably

    Dont bench me Reply

    There to young no experience

    this is my name Reply

    Is This Rain? We weren’t that hyped last year. But regardless of the hype, we had a bad record because Jimmy G was gone by week 3.

    Is This Rain? Reply

    @this is my name
    I think despite Jimmy, the 49ers were still not playoff material last year. We didn’t have a secondary nor a pass rush. Our receiving corps was also still pretty young. This season is looking good though with the Ford, Kwon and Verrett acquisitions. But I wouldn’t look too far past clinching a playoff spot.

    this is my name Reply

    Is This Rain? Yeah well what I meant from my comment is that we could have done better then 4-12. I’m not saying we completely missed the playoffs because of Jimmy being hurt, but we could have won a few more games. Maybe we could have had a 7-9 record, or even 8-8 if we had Jimmy the entire season.

Saahas Jonnalagedda Reply

who else started eyeing under the peoples jackets suspiciously after the first two?

Jake Escueta Reply

And the Patriots win the super bowl again

    Chris Anders Reply


    Legend__ 21 Reply

    Jake Escueta 🖕🏾

Rich C Reply

Belichick: “I find your lack of faith disturbing”

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