NFL Sunday Week 3 Mic’d Up, “Oh spicy nuggets are back?” | Game Day All Access – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Christos Belibasakis Reply

Spicy nuggets are back and they’re here to stay 💯

    Big Country Reply

    @ 10:00. Your Welcome.

    AstroSunn Reply

    I worked as a manager at Burger King for a year and they will be gone again they never stay for good lol and I’m so glad left Burger King

    Tyler G Reply

    AstroSunn good for you, no one asked.

    accipo Reply

    Just me or are they not nearly the same as they were…

Luis_Is _Goated Reply

I love these Mic’d up videos 😂

    Luis_Is _Goated Reply

    Ricky zzz I just realized it! I was in class 😂

    Scrambled Eggs Reply

    Luis_Is _Goated getting a like from the nfl is like meeting a celebrity

    I Hate people Reply

    @Luis_Is _Goated well who doesnt

    陳心晨 Reply

A Fucking Bird Reply

The thumbnail looks like the reaction to the spicy nuggets.😂

    kosi nba Reply


    Michael R. Gover Reply

    Damnnn right they are some spicy nuggets.

    A. D. Reply

    It could be

    TV해피 Reply

Carlos Colon Reply

I like how the d-line man got thrown by Dak😂😂

    Dennis Begley Reply

    I love how Dad like just side stepped him, wasn’t even watching

    Dab Wizard Reply

    Had me dying bro 😂

    TV해피 Reply

Ultimate Gamer Reply

3:26 #70 looks mad because he didnt start amari cooper in fantasy



    Jacob Corrigeux Reply


Brian Maduku Reply

Why do I feel like that Dak Prescott nuggets line was staged 😂

    陳心晨 Reply

    MrTalkingCorn Reply

    @AlaskanCabinFilms I agree. The only thing staged is the marketing and what the players say in the interviews

    hellothere Reply

    He most likely saw the Wendy’s ad somewhere in the stadium and just said the first thing that can came to mind

Cowboysfan 1998 Reply

My boy Dak straight shrugged him off like some fly or something 😂😂😂

    E B Reply

    yeah i didnt expect that. too savage you know his teammates are gonna dog him for that one for a while

    big lea Reply


    shelikegirlz jamaica Reply

    Thought I was the only one who say that lmao

    Ty Lito Reply

    Then cried to the ref

toby vigil Reply

I love how harris and davontae playfully talked about th pa challenge u can tell they friends

    death shot Reply

    toby vigil what’s the timestamp

    Andre briscoe Reply

    @death shot it’s denver so you know the stamp had to be 4:20 😂😂

    death shot Reply

    Andre briscoe lol thanks

    A.Y Finesse Reply

    Lol who won the challenge though?

Rob Stone Reply

When the kid didn’t want Nelson’s glove😂

    Baby is my name Screaming is my game Reply

    Rob Stone want my sock


5:49 that dude sounds like a 14 year old girl

    Saved By Grace Reply

    ⓌILLY I thought I was watching bad lip reading for a sec

    T Rosemore Reply

    @Saved By Grace Me too

    Leemo Reply

    Put some respek on that man trae waynes

Rahul Daniel Reply

Rihanna Lady Gaga is really a piece of football genius.

    Bill Keys Reply

    it’s easy Lady Gaga means he’s going left Rihanna going right.

Tj Adams Reply

4:51 bruh this man Christian wilkens just got tossed by a qb lmao. This ain’t the acc anymore rook 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    Mervens AnnointedKeys Reply

    Tj Adams that was him?? Lmaooo I know he was tight !

    Tj Adams Reply

    @Mervens AnnointedKeys you know that pride was hurting lmao. The nfl is different different. Tried to tell people he looking that tuff cause Clemson defensive coordinator and because college olines are terrible compared to the NFL lmao. They’re strong asf in the lg

    Terryon McMillion Reply

    To be fair he was pushing dak so his momentum was taking him forward

Johnny Tsunami Reply

8:30 Damn those are the type of teammates you need man

    luhoiud Ewfewe Reply

    damn im sure that eased josh heart because hes a genuine guy himself probably puts too much on himself as a vikes fan im proud to see him grow

    howitzer551 Reply

    @MRE Obax Hes just not a star but people in the league know who he is, He is considered one of the top blocking TE in the NFL he just doesn’t do much else so he can be hard to keep if you are trying to make room for more guys on offense. That being said he is basically an extra undersized OT and the bills said how much they missed his blocking after they didn’t resign him and He went to the raiders so I would say hes more than just a locker room guy. Also apparently the rookie TE Knox and Sweeney love him because he is so helpful in the TE room.

    Hunter Reply

    City of good neighbors for a reason 🙂 this was a real good narrative told through connected audio clips

Kuba Wojcik Reply

Gotta love Smith’s talk to Josh Allen after throwing the interception. That’s having your teammate’s back

    JustABig Loser Reply

    Kuba Wojcik That was greasiest take from the whole video.

Amazing Renegade Reply

I love how fast the game looks from this perspective

    Justin Rees Reply

    Amazing Renegade the frame is smaller makes it appear faster

Keva Antaya Reply

Lmao, how did Dak throw a D lineman like that?

    Shino Reply

    Maverick Cater not a dak hater. Literally answering the dudes question.

    Maverick Cater Reply

    Shino he was standing pretty much straight up

    TV해피 Reply

    2Timone7 Reply

    He is 240 pounds of chiseled muscle.

Nathan Isbell Reply

I laughed so hard when i saw Jared Goff shirtless he looks like a ghost lol.

    Viva Dominicana Reply

    Nathan Isbell Dude , I was wondering if anyone else had seen him🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 He has to go to Darque Tan lol


    Nathan Isbell casper the ram

djbrea001 Reply

Damn! Prescott dropped that D.Tackle to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

    Saved By Grace Reply

    Marcus Rougeau why wouldn’t he? He was trying to take daks head off.

    ed ortega Reply

    OldBoyFilms he wasn’t snitching he was just warning him that he doin too much lmao

    Terryon McMillion Reply

    Lmao yeah but the DT was already pushing dak so his momentum was taking him forward

    TV해피 Reply

NFL Reply

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    Ronald Downham Reply

    What part of boycott don’t you understand ?

    Mr Beast Reply

    @Ronald Downham who?

Thomas Pfarr Reply

When Josh Allen was blaming himself for the interception saying “Thats on me”, Lee Smith said at 8:30 “You’re not a ‘me’ kinda guy when youre doing god, so dont be one when youre doing bad. Thats on us” That was so inspirational

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