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NFL Sunday Week 1 Mic’d Up! | Game Day All Access

From Lamar's huge game, to the Pats blow out W on Sunday night. Relive Sunday Week 1 mic'd up in the new YouTube original series "Game Day All Access".

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Emperor Palpatine Reply

Mic’d up is one of my favorite things about football

    Steven Wu Reply

    @NFL interaction with fans? new high nfl

    sana stans IN YOUR AREA Reply

    NFL wait what is your favorite team? i think i know hint hint patrio-

    Mawashi Geri Reply

    sana stans IN YOUR AREA asking the real questions.

Caleb Kirkpatrick Reply

Who else is so happy that’s football season is finally here

    Kevin Totten Reply

    I am football is back

    Caleb Kirkpatrick Reply

    Lamelo Ball and how much likes u have

    Patrick Mendy the game player Reply


    Epochal Bull Reply

    Daniel Coronado For sure, 59-10 😂

    Chris Munoz Reply

    Not browns fans

Harrison Cade Reply

RIP “they gotta protect Nick”

    chickaqwa Reply

    Harrison Cade lmfao I felt they could’ve cut that part out lmfao

    Ascalis Reply

    That was def on purpose. Savagery.

    Normal American Dude Reply

    He dropped a dime on that throw too.

Sports 311 Reply

Keep putting these All-Access cameos with the players and coaches. It doesn’t get any better than this

Chad M Reply

Calais Campbell has become a player I support because of his mic d up stuff

    The InvictusSamaritan Reply

    Jose Acuna of course it’s the best season of the show, because the team actually makes the playoffs for once 😂

    Jose Acuna Reply

    @The InvictusSamaritan Only to get bull rushed by the Panthers in the conference championship lol But still, one of the best seasons i hava had the pleasure of watching in my time as a fan.

    Ryan Dattilo Reply

    Chad M “1st tackle if the season baby 🤷‍♂️ love it 😂

    Hudson Gonzalez Reply

    He sounds and acts like shaq

    Vonshaun Cunningham Reply

    Real genuine presence

The InvictusSamaritan Reply

I wanna see the part where all the dolphins players asked to be traded.

    Jesse McKay Reply

    @KamXipa already

    Noeum Din Reply

    Sheeitt! Lol I was gonna post that.

    Ace ArtDepoT Reply

    KamXipa haha cavs not winning anything anytime soon


    The InvictusSamaritan thry got beat that bad….
    Wait till they play the pats this sunday…..
    I think teddy bridgewater should be qb for miami

Yoshibro 456 Reply

Fun fact: Every NFL Team scored a touchdown on week one except for the Bears and Steelers

    XxSaberSlayerxX Reply

    @Shug Dukes You sound dumb as hell right now💀

    George Gomez Reply

    Shug Dukes you sound as dumb as the dude in your profile pic looks

    Dontavian Smallwood Reply

    Yoshibro 456 they laid a egg on national television 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Dawood Rehman Reply

    Super Bowl Confirmed
    Steelers vs Bears 😂

Marco Valle Reply

The NFL upping their content for this season, pure 🔥

    Jonathan Ramirez Reply

    Took them a hundred years.. 😁

Webster Kollie Reply

Who else is starting the season 1-0 with their teams?

    Michael Donté Hill Reply

    1-0 New England

    Matt Moon Reply

    Titan Up 1-0

    Nickolas Beatty Reply

    #BoltGang ⚡⚡

    J Williams Reply

    I’ll be the first Vikings fam I guess. 1-0 Let’s go! SKOL 😈

    Eternal Await Reply

    0-0-1 gang

Caleb Christ Reply

Russell Wilson yelling no at his linemen so they wont get flagged on the touchdown 😂😂

    itsmejolls Reply

    As a Seahawks fan I dont like the way Germain ifedi plays. He penalizes so much. He almost cost us that touchdown pass too. I think most of us as fans of seattle can say that it’s time for a new lineman to take his position lol

    DontTrip Tyler Reply

    Caleb Christ such a Veteran move ya know?

    Tim Sharkey Reply

    Wilson is a class act. Leadership and awareness of the situation.

    Aegon One Reply

    @itsmejolls not even a seahawks fan but I would hate to have him on my team. Like dude wtf are you doing down there fighting like a kitten with a ball of yarn lmao. That’s not a team player.. mf gonna cost yall atleast 1 or 2 tds this year lol

Asheron Moyer Reply

I love that Murray and Kingsbury chemistry.

    jarjon76 Reply

    Same. They have that “something”, whatever that is. You can tell by the way they communicate.

    MR. Eugene Reply

    samuel subia your team is probably worse💀

    Hunter Emery Reply

    I’m excited for this

Swagknowsean Reply

Thats why i respect Russell Wilson

    R. S. Reply

    That’s a great leader !!

    Lamelo Ball Reply

    Swagknowsean 28-3

    Cpt Horriku Reply

    No doubt, I respect the hell out of Russ. He’s definitely good people and a great leader.

    Gregory Lumban-Gaol Reply

    Dad of the year

fwdfdfsa111133 Reply

14:33 is the funniest part. Russell Wilson was born to be a dad haha

mrbill806 Reply

14:35 lmao Russell Wilson looking like a dad tending to his kids fighting while throwing td’s

    Delpriest Stokes Reply

    mrbill806 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Luis_Is _Goated Reply

*Lamar Jackson has entered the chat*

*Dolphin defense has left the chat*

    spicy weems Reply

    Go Ravens baby 💜

    Luis_Is _Goated Reply

    spicy weems mad respect for y’all and good luck on yalls season

Bryan Le Reply

laughed real hard when i saw the Baker & Jarvis & Odell = Playoffs shirt

    Booker Reply

    I know right major L

    #5 Reply

    Baker & Jarvis & Odell & Penalties & No O-Line = No Playoffs

    B Rus Reply

    I laughed harder when the guy was rolling it up after the game lol

    Shoresy 69 Reply

    Baker & Jarvis & Odell = 500 season

    Pratik Dash Reply

    They just forgot to put “And an O-Line”

Riley Anderson Reply

That was heads up by Russell Wilson breaking that up what a true leader and smart football player!!!! Go hawks

Kush Rao Reply

14:36, Russell Wilson with that amazing leadership. Not a Seahawks fan, but it’s just great to see awareness like that.

    Kevin Foston Reply

    Kush Rao amd hes thats extra kudos

    Jack Salonsky Reply

    @Kevin Foston LMFAO what

    Kush Rao Reply

    @Jack Salonsky same.

    William Randolph Reply

    @Kevin Foston hahaha what?

May I take your hat sir Reply

5:27 Mahomes is replacing Andrew Luck as the guy that complements people that hit him confirmed

    Phone Screen Fiend Machine Reply

    Nice tackle baby!

    James Sheehan Reply

    I’ve heard a lot of qbs do that, but luck would every single hit minus a concussion hit or two lol

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