NFL Network’s Randy Moss Talks Minnesota Vikings Path to Winning the NFC North in 2020 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

NFL Network’s Randy Moss Talks Minnesota Vikings Path to Winning the NFC North in 2020's Gabe Henderson recently talked with NFL Network's Randy Moss about x-factors on both sides of the ball for the Minnesota Vikings, the revamped look of the defensive line, what needs to happen for the Minnesota Vikings to win the NFC North, and more.

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Sheryl Lemons Reply

That’s not randy moss😒

    Scott Luckoff Reply

    But it is!!😃

    Karen 911 Reply

    White Randy 🤓

    BigBody Reply

    Yes it is

Luke Zacher Reply

The shock value when I saw what Randy Moss this was XD

Tiana Michael Reply

So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

Not Surge Reply

Draft Lawrence or Fields

Jesse Smith Reply

Why did the viking fire wobby. No one ever said a word similar to what happened with Dr. Disrespect.

    David Schroedl Reply

    It was all the Lizards he kept in his office

    Keith Cousins Reply

    Wobby is in my recent uploads.

    Jesse Smith Reply

    @David Schroedl what that doesn’t make any sense. Why hasn’t anybody released a statement. It’s all so deep state makes me not trust the fucking vikings. No wonder diggs left.

    LJ Sneets Reply

    I did some digging on this when it happened, it’s definitely a Non Disclosure Agreement situation. The one thing I found that makes sense, given how everything unfolded, was that he was fired the same week Erin Andrews and him did a 1:1 interview, that was later taken off their website. The going theory is that something happened between him and her that erred towards inappropriate, and she had him fired. The NFL, FOX and Vikes wanting to avoid a scandal, handed Wobby his papers discretely, on the condition that he not speak a word of what took place, or speak ill of their organization in general. It’s possible this could be entirely incorrect, but I can’t think of another scenario where someone would just be shown the door so quietly in the night, where neither side would even acknowledge that something happened. Afterwards, the Vikes never said that he was placed on leave or suspended, they definitely didn’t forewarn anyone that he was planning on leaving, and Wobby hasn’t muttered a single word about it since. People who are pissed off about being sacked, don’t just stay quiet like that, unless they have something they’re not willing or able to talk about.

Jesse Smith Reply

The NFC NORTH is a terrible division. The winner is still a bad team.

    ZLO Reply

    No one cares. You sound like you’re one of those people who hops on the bandwagon when a team does great.

    BigBody Reply

    Jesse, you clearly have no clue wtf you’re talking about, the NFC North is one of the best divisions in the NFL

    Keith Cousins Reply

    BigBody You know what I miss? Old GMFB.
    Peter Schrager: Case Keenum signed a one year deal and the Vikings have about $60 million in cap room. What are they gonna go? Do they look to the Draft and maybe go for Josh Allen or Sam Darnold. No, they should go to free agency and sign Kirk Cousins.

    Jesse Smith Reply

    @BigBody clearly.

Scott Luckoff Reply

I heard Sean Manion looks great!!🤣🤣🤣

Fargo Retro Reply

Boo! Came here for Randy Moss!

    BigBody Reply

    It is Randy Moss

Jarrid Jaynes Reply

No one cares about this Randy Moss

Lions Btw Reply


FakeUser NameTwo Reply

Dam age really changed Randy Moss.

Skoldier Soup Reply

You got Mossed!

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